The heroes of glam metal and parody invaded London with the support of A Rebel Few.

Local heroes, A Rebel Few, came to London to open the show for sunset strip icons, Steel Panther. After winning the slot on a radio show contest, A Rebel Few was more than up to the task. They have just completed recording a new album with famed Pantera, Damageplan, and Hellyeah producer, Sterling Winfield, which should be appearing on shelves in early 2016.

Chris Raposo delivers strong vocals and guitar, while being backed up by Barry Martin on guitar, Adam Shortreed on bass, and Chris Spiers on drums. Their bio reads as follows, “… no need for a fancy bio to bullshit ya into checking us out, we’re not ‘making waves in the scene’ … we’re not ‘from the ashes’ … we’re not ‘creating a sound for the generation’ … take ALL the band bio templates you find online and disregard them what A Rebel Few is … a straight ahead no nonsense Rock n Roll band!”

Steel Panther is always fun to watch and listen to. Their on stage banter and theatrics are second to none, backed up by the fact that they’re all great musicians. While the lyrical content may be tongue in cheek and not for the faint of heart, you can’t deny that on stage, they are larger than life and hold the crowd in the palm of their overly spandexed and make-up covered hands. It was a treat for this reviewer to see Steel Panther perform close to home, after having seen them in Las Vegas years ago as part of their long standing run at the House Of Blues. It’s been a pleasure to see them evolve over the years, going from house band, to opening band (for Judas Priest), and now headlining their own tour. Be sure to see them when they play in your area.

National Rock Review photographer Mark Skinner was on hand to capture some highlights.

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