Starting out a new project can be rough. Starting one with extra bells and whistles is even more of a tall order with two people.

The Crystal Ceiling is the four year payoff for Bella D and company. The album will drop on May 13, 2016. Also, there will be a CD release party May 19, 2016, at Carroll Place in NYC. She and musician extraordinaire, Charlie Zeleny, intend to make it a night to remember and have the memories turn into record sales proving that it indeed did happen.


National Rock Review managed to grab a few minutes of the steampunk songstress to talk about all things Bella D. And while we were sorry to hear Charlie had been called away at the last minute, we think she did a pretty good job solo. We touched on the album, the extras that go along with it like the talented young man tapped to do the graphic novel accompaniment, and even how cancer got its arse kick by a tough chic in a corset.

So, my friends, grab your goggles, cane, and Victorian steam-powered zeppelin and prepare for a big interview with a name you might not have heard of yet. Afterwards, wind up your gear powered computation machine and throw us a ‘Like’ and a comment on our Facebook page or on our Twitter feed. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Interview with Bella D


Bella D
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