Thousand Foot Krutch lit up Piere’s Entertainment Center on a Friday night for a full house with Righteous Vendetta, Like A Storm, and We As Human.

Thousand Foot Krutch put together a great lineup for this portion of their Born This Way Tour.  The fans were into each and every band based on the raised hands, the loud applause, and the exuberance of the crowd.

Righteous Vendetta is touring in support of their album, Defiance.  Hailing from Wyoming, these boys are veterans to touring and working hard.  During their set, fans kept heading back to the merchandise table and purchasing their album.  They seemed to make an impression on the crowd who responded well.

Like A Storm took the stage next.  They call Auckland, New Zealand home.  The local radio station has been pushing their new single “Wish You Hell,” so there were plenty of fans excited to see the band take the stage.  The fans amped up their response to each song and showed their appreciation for a hard driving set.

Next up was We As Human. They continued to excite the crowd up for the headliners.  Full of energy and hard riving vocals, We As Human, is touring in support of their self titled album from Atlantic Records via Hear It Loud.  Their stage performance was full of energy and heart.

Thousand Foot Krutch took the stage with screaming and applause from the crowd.  Their stage show was quite impressive.  The light rigging  was reminiscent of a large stadium show in this medium size venue.  It was professional and well done.  Lead singer, Trevor McNevan, was full of energy and uses every part of the stage to perform for the crowd, interacting with those who catch his eye. They played a flawless set and gave the crowd a great show for their money!

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