Motor City thrash giants, Battlecross, continue in the final leg of their North American tour through the Midwest as they roll loudly into Indiana.

Battlecross ripped up the stage in Kokomo, Indiana on Friday, May 23. The crowd was small but ready for a night of great thrash metal. While the numbers were small, they were incredibly responsive and Battlecross delivered an energetic monster set. It is evident that they love what they do and have a great time doing it. It was my first time seeing Battlecross and I was incredibly impressed by their big, full sound, and energy on stage. They didn’t seem to tire and went seamlessly from one song to another with equal parts grit and determination.

The band put on an amazing show and, when done, came right down to the crowd to talk to their fans. They were kind and patient with anyone who wanted to speak to them and downright appreciative to those who stuck around to chat. It is clear they are both talented and genuinely nice guys. They have a bright future ahead of them.

Opening for this portion of the tour is Black Fast. These guys were full of energy and have a great sound. The crowd enjoyed their set and forceful vocals.  It is apparent these guys are talented song writers and take care to put together a cohesive performance.

Local favorites, Born Under Burden, played just prior to Black Fast.  I was impressed with their strong vocals and stage banter.   There is a complexity to their sound that warrants attention.

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