The Steepwater Band performed to a full Chop Shop for their album release show.

The Steepwater Band entertained Chicago with a night of fantastic rock. The band was celebrating the release of their long-awaited album, Shake Your Faith.

Fans packed The Chop Shop, both upstairs and down. Their affection for their much-loved band runs deep. Tonight was their chance to celebrate and enjoy their bluesy roots rock, rich with Americana influence.

For some, this was their first night getting to see the boys perform, but for most it was yet another to add to their ever-growing list of shows.

It’s clear these guys have been together a long time (since 1998) perfecting their style. They were firing in perfect synchronicity, performing exactly on queue.

Jeff Massey is a frontman that is a double threat. He has a fantastic voice perfectly suited to their genre. Massey also plays some of the best slide guitar you will hear.

Eric Saylors (guitar), Tod Bowers (bass), Joe Winters (drums) round out the lineup, creating the solid foundation needed for their raw style of music.

The new songs off the Shake Your Faith album went down a storm with the crowd. Judging by the number of CDs flying off the merch stand, it’s fair to say they were a hit with the fans.

However, it wouldn’t be a Steepwater Band show without them performing their old faithfuls, such as “Silver Lining” and “Come On Down.” Fans responded heartily, dancing and swaying to the beat, shouting out cheers of approval.

If ever there was a way to end a show, this was it. Opening acts, Davy Knowles and Edward David Anderson, were invited back to the stage.

Knowles, Anderson, Saylors, and Massey all had their final chance to shine, each playing a guitar solo. The lot of them are all talented players; you would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite.

The concert was a success, marking a return of Chicago’s favorite sons. It is a show they must surely be proud of and as they home town crowd is certainly proud of them.

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