The Last Vegas rocked the hinges off the Double Door for their Chicago album release show on Friday night.

Chicago’s very own, The Last Vegas, treated their hometown to a great night of rock in celebration of the release of their latest album, Eat Me. Their sixth studio album was released on March 18, just three weeks ago. Fans responded enthusiastically by dancing, singing, and waving hands in the air with a hearty response to all songs, old and new.

Frontman, Chad Cherry, is both charismatic and energetic, bouncing about the stage. He struts with the confidence of a rock star, commanding the attention of electrified fans.

Nate Arling put on a show of his own. His drum solo was something to behold; cymbal-happy, he flowed effortlessly through a variety of beats, simple and complex, increasing in speed until he was a flailing blur of arms, sticks, and hair.

The band is known for their glam-metal-punk mix bring the essence of the LA Strip to Chicago’s Wicker Park. With influences such as Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, and fellow Chicagoans, Cheap Trick, it is clear to see why Motley Crue themselves have had these guys out on tour with them.

Filling the Double Door with a blend of family, friends, and fans, it’s fair to say their launch night was a complete success. People waited in line at their merch stand after the show, eager for a chance to speak to them. It was a fantastic night of energetic rock supporting an equally strong new album.

Their current tour is heading to Canada, with a few West Coast shows, before heading to Germany at the end of the year. Hopefully, they will be adding in some additional North American dates along the way, giving more of us a chance to see them in concert.

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