After having some vocal difficulties during an NYC show and canceling the first of two Chicago performances, Steven Wilson brings an intimate performance in the Windy City on his limited North American tour.

Steven Wilson (KScope) is widely praised, recognized, and awarded for being a pioneer in progressive rock/metal and has cultivated various projects of his own and with other musicians in the genre. He is known for the bands Porcupine Tree with his longtime friend Malcolm Stocks and Storm Corrosion where he partnered with Mikael Akerfeldt, frontman of fellow prog metal band, Opeth.

It came clear during the performance why they chose Chicago’s historic Vic Theater for such a special tour. The first half of the show gave fans a unique film presentation along with the performance of his last full-length album, Hand. Cannot. Erase , in its entirety featuring the haunting vocal accompaniment of Ninet Tayeb. The video that played on a large screen above the stage was reminiscent of similar sentiments from his earlier release and also the final encore of the concert,  The Raven That Refused To Sing. It was apparent that Wilson wanted to tell a visual story with his music and with some of the more somber elements of his music coming to a standstill, the visual noise was very intriguing at some of the quietest moments of the evening.

After an intermission, the second half of the show gave fans some of what many came for, selections from the above mentioned Porcupine Tree that significantly raised the energy level of the show. On many occasions, Steven Wilson talked to the audience citing the various methods and creations of his music like many intimate, acoustic showcases have been doing of late.

His tribute to David Bowie was a true highlight of the evening with a stellar rendition of Space Oddity that captivated fans with nostalgic respect. In every incarnation Steven Wilson appears, he is a true visionary with his music; an incomparable talent to be discovered time and time again in which something new is revealed each time you hear him.

Steven Wilson’s tour continues on to South America and Europe through mid-July.

Set 1 (Hand. Cannot. Erase): First Regret, Three Years Older, Hand Cannot Erase (w/Ninet Tayeb), Perfect Life, Routine (w/Ninet Tayeb), Home Invasion, Regret #9, Transience, Ancestral (w/Ninet Tayeb), Happy Returns, Ascendant Here On.


Set 2: Dark Matter, Harmony Korine, My Book of Regrets, Index, Lazarus, Don’t Hate Me (w/Ninet Tayeb), Sleep Together. Encore: Space Oddity (w/Nanet Tayeb, Sound of Muzak, The Raven That Refused To Sing.

Steven Wilson

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