A fellowship of four bands assembled at Rudyard’s for a night of heavy riff-driven stoner rock.

Houston’s own Mr. Plow opened with a solid stoner set. This show was a rarity since they are just getting back into playing live together after a long hiatus. Given that the band has played live just five times in the last six months, their set was remarkably tight.

Mr. Plow played “Ode to Carlo”, a brand new song “Sigil,” with a debut performance of “Millionaire.” They played songs that covered their catalog leaning hard into “Malachi,” their previous hit “Dead Eye Dick,” and “Memento” followed by “Staying Even.” They ended with a fog filled “Mexican Smoke.”

Mr. Plow has been in the studio and anticipates a new release in the coming future with shows to follow. Mr. Plow is Justin Waggoner (vocals and guitar), Greg Green (bass and vocals), Jeremy Stone (vocals and guitar), and Cory Cousins (drums).

Vermilion Whiskey, from Lafayette, Louisiana, was next. Their southern influence was evident in the deep bag of riff they opened on stage.

The band started with “Road King” and “Bootleggin'” and followed with “Treacherous,” “Monolith,” “Eye to Eye,” “Loaded Up,” “Come Find Me” and “The Past is Dead.” Vermilion Whiskey ended their set with the melancholy, “At The Bottle’s End.”

Vermilion Whiskey is Thaddeus Riordan (lead vocals), Jeremy Foret (bass), Ross Brown (guitar), Carl Stevens (guitar), and Buck Andrus (drums).

Switchblade Jesus from Corpus Christi, Texas, took the stage and proceeded to drop a full weight of fuzz-laden stoner sounds on the waiting crowd. They went on as a three-piece this night with Eric Calvert pulling duty on guitar and vocals, Jason Beers holding the low-end on bass, and John Elizondo on drums.

The nearly 90-minute set began with “Staring into the Sun” followed by “Snakes & Lions,” “The Wolves,” and their hit, “Bastard Son.” Their set continued with “Wet Lungs,” “Sick Mouth,” and “Heavy is the Mountain.” It didn’t end there as the crowd refused the let them off the stage, pleading for more. They followed up with “Oblivion.”

As they were about to leave the stage, they fans begged them to play just one more number. The band relented and broke into “Renegade Riders.” Dave Ward of The Dirty Seeds joined them on stage on vocals ending a remarkable set that few will forget.

The Dirty Seeds closed the night. They began their set with “Pablo Escobar’s Dog.” Doomstress Alexis Hollada of Project Armageddon joined them next for “American Zombie” and “The Dirty Wizard” to the delight of those in the venue, the masses who sang along.

As Doomstress Alexis left the stage to lingering applause, The Dirty Seeds followed with a heavy “Half Baked” and “High On You.” They saved the best for last. Ross Brown, of Vermillion Whiskey, joined the band onstage to play a nearly twenty-minute free-form jam of “The Mountain.” Ross and the band mesmerized those in attendance, leaving everyone wanting more.

The Dirty Seeds are Dave Ward (vocals and guitar), Tomas Sanchez (guitar), Chad Leibold (drums), and Scott Sniderwin (bass).

It is a rare thing to have such talent displayed in a just one band, much less four bands assembled in a single night. This was a show that should not have been missed. And for those who missed this, hope that there will be future “Fellowship of The Fuzz” shows in the future, man.

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