As part of a local charity event at the Dusty Armadillo, LOCASH brings excitement to the crowd with an entertaining acoustic set.

Northeast Ohio Patriotism Foundation (NEOPAT) and Pay It Forward For Pets are the recipients to the evening’s proceeds in the charity event put on by Akron, OH’s country radio station 94.9 WQMX.

The Northeast Ohio Patriotism Foundation (NEOPAT) is an organization that was created to honor patriots who serve, or have served, in the armed forces by working to minimize the sacrifices the soldiers and their families endure.

Pay It Forward For Pets is an animal welfare organization operating out of the west Akron area.  The group is designed to improve the lives of rescued dogs and cats through six different programs. 

Playing host to the evening’s local charity event is the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown, OH.  The Dusty Amadillo is Ohio’s largest year-round premier country music destination bringing regional and national acts to its stage on a regular basis for the past fifteen years.

Jordan Davis appears on stage first to play a short twenty-five minute set to get the crowd warmed up.  Hailing from Shreveport, LA., Jordan now calls Nashville, TN home when he is not out on the road introducing the crowds to his music.  For tonight’s show, Jordan is accompanied on stage with a back-up guitar player and a percussionist playing on his cajon (a box-shaped instrument with multiple percussion sounds located on different areas of the box).

Jordan performs a couple of his own original songs “Take It From Me” and “Leavin’ New Orleans” before toasting the crowd for making his first visit to the Dusty Armadillo a success.  With the alumni of artists who have played the Armadillo during their fifteen years of existence, it is a highlight to all artists to be able to play on the stage of this world-famous Ohio nightclub.

Playing a song more familiar to the crowd, the trio on stage leads the audience into a sing-along with their cover of Shenandoah’s hit song “Church On Cumberland Road.”  Along with the crowd standing against the barrier in front of the stage singing, the array of linedancers start filling the center of the dance floor showcasing their dance formations as they all dance in formation and sequence to the beat of the song.

Jordan is recently married by only three weeks and is joined by his wife and family tonight.  A few years back before meeting his bride, Jordan sat down and wrote a song about lost relationships and their struggles.  The fan favorite song is called “Detours.”

Jordan is currently on the road completing his latest leg to a radio tour that is introducing his music to the country music listeners.  As part of the tour, Jordan is bringing attention to the first single “Singles You Up” to his debut album that is scheduled to be released on June 5th from his record label UMG Nashville.

With adrenaline and excitement filling the air, it is time for the headliners LOCASH to take the stage.  LOCASH is a singing/songwriting duo made up of vocalists Chris Lucas and Preston Brust that first originated back in Nashville as they double teamed the DJ booth at the Wildhorse Saloon.

LOCASH entertains the crowd with singing and sharing stories of their hit songs from their current album The Fighters on Reviver Records. Additionally to any LOCASH show are songs they have written with other songwriters for artists like Keith Urban and Tim McGraw.

Chris and Preston received their first NO. One songwriting award for their hit song “You Gonna Fly” sang by Keith Urban.  Jaren Johnston, the lead vocalist of the band Cadillac Three also shares as a co-writer to the hit song.

As artists, LOCASH received their first #1 single for the hit “I Know Somebody.” The guys tell of how they played the Dusty Armadillo on a Saturday night back in October of 2016 and the song was at a stagnant #6 on the charts.  That evening they received a phone call from the program director at WQMX telling them to be patient and that they were going to help push the single.  When Chris and Preston woke up on that Sunday morning the single had gone to #1.  

Preston jokes with the crowd that they have played inside the Dusty Armadillo enough times that he knows the gentleman standing at the front of the stage against the barrier railing.  As the gentleman holds out two shot cups for Chris and Preston, Preston also states that he knows better than to accept the drinks from him.  Although Preston accepts the drinks, Chris is battling a cold on this visit and is not able to accept the drink so they pass it back to their bass player Zack, who drinks everything.

This leads to the next song where Chris describes how himself and Preston were very well under the influence when they wrote the next song “Drunk, Drunk.” As the crowd sings along with the band, Preston realizes that a gentleman in the crowd is singing loudly but is singing the chorus to the drinking song all wrong.  After calling the fan to the stage, Preston corrects him with the correct wording before the new trio on stage finishes the song.

“Truck Yeah” sung by Tim McGraw is another of their songwriting collaborations, as the song was also penned by artist Chris Janson.  Although they were instructed by their songwriting producers to not write a song about trucks, the song was quickly added to the lines of paper in a mere one and a half hours.

Keeping the enthusiasm going with the crowd, the band plays their latest single “Ring On Every Finger” before slowing it back down again with a personal favorite to Chris and Preston both.  The song “The Fighters” is the title song to the current album and is dedicated to all those in uniform and America as a whole who do what is necessary to keep moving forward.

Before closing out the show, LOCASH calls all the radio staff back up onto the stage to help sing along their hit song “I Love This Life.”  As they conclude, Preston adds a modified ending by claiming “I love Ohio.”

With the performance from the Dusty Armadillo, LOCASH has once again shown why they have become fan favorites on tour and why people travel long distances to see them perform.

To follow along with activities by LOCASH, Dusty Armadillo and 94.9 WQMX, or updates from NEOPAT and Pay IT Forward For Pets, click on a link below.  


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Event Date: 20-APR-2017

LOCASH setlist:

  1. Ain’t Starting Tonight     2. You Gonna Fly     3. I Know Somebody     4. Drunk, Drunk     5. Truck Yeah      6. Ring On Every Finger     7. The Fighters     8. I Love This Life