Ashestoangels are promoting their new album, How To Bleed, with a tour around the UK which obviously has to include a hometown gig.

A good sized crowd has gathered to see opening band Sunset Sunday take the stage. The young local band consists of Tristan (lead guitar and vocals), Will (bass), Evan (guitar), and Oscar (drums). With ages ranging from 15 – 17, they are a tight, energetic young band. Mature for their years, the band mix the set well.

Opener “Summer Sky” sees Evan prowling the stage with his guitar around his knees, thrashing the licks out. With a Green Day–ish vibe, they have a good, catchy sound. “Get Out Alive” is a heavier track, which sees Tristan inviting a mosh. “Indecent Exposure,” the new single (available on Bandcamp as a free download) goes down well, and is followed by a respectful cover of NOFX’s “Linoleum.” “Insomnia” finishes a great set from a band with a promising future. Keep at it, guys!

Saint[The]Sinner are main support for the tour, and deservedly so. Hailing from the south coast, the post–hardcore rockers bring a lively show. James Patrick (vocals), Luke Juan (scream vocals), Pash Stratton (guitars), Billy Muircroft (guitars), Tom Bigg (bass guitar), and James Tuckey (drums) are all in black, and launch into “She’s a Vampire.” They manage to move around on a cramped stage (made smaller by their backdrops) to great effect.

One standout track is “Left For Dead,” a great song that sounds like Biffy Clyro on acid, that plays as a mosh pit forms. The band plays “Dream Cause Effect,” a song about following your dreams and passions, and the fan favourite, “Liar Liar”; both go down well.

During “Set It Off” from the new Masquerades album, JP is sitting on top of the speaker stack belting vocals. “Theatre of Broken Dreams” finishes off their set with a guest appearance on vocals from Crilly of Ashestoangels. Their high energy, bouncing set leaves the crowd pumped and warmed up.

The Bristol new grave–rockers, Ashestoangels, are back home for a family reunion. Crilly (vocals), Falkor (lead guitar), Josh (guitar), Nico (bass), and Jim (drums) get help on keys from Nikki, on loan from Bad Pollyanna. They receive a rousing welcome as they hit the stage to an NWA intro.

Their opener, “Six Six Six,” is greeted with a cheer, and the crowd are soon singing along encouraged forward by Crilly. “The Wake” sees the crowd raising their hands to support the singer as he leans forward above them.

During “Run,” the audience sings in excellent voice while acrobatic Crilly shows us his air–splits and Nico joins in on some scream vocals. But it’s not just the Crilly show; the whole band sounds great and play their hearts out, giving a mighty effort.

Ashestoangles continues with “Bury Us In Black” where the audience act as a choir and sing on their own. The whole set is so energetic that you cannot help but be drawn in and fall in love with this band.

In “Dorian,” Dan Barnes from Never Found (who supported the band on their last tour) joins in on vocals, before going for a spot of crowd surfing! “Bound And Broken,” another song from the new album, follows.

Then it’s one extreme to another with the fast paced “Reason To Stay” followed by “Ghost In The Machine,” which is as near as you are going to get to a slow song!

“Not In My Name” is next, then “Ghost Frequency” where Crilly stands on the shoulders of the front row to sing!

We are told there are a couple more songs to come; “We’re not gonna go off and do all that encore bullshit!” The old song, “Wintervention,” is given a warm welcome before “Elsinore” closes the show.

It is a fantastic set which is enjoyed by all. The guys from Bristol have won over at least a few (or a few dozen) new fans tonight!

Photos by Donna Coombs

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