One week after releasing her latest album, Canadian country artist Terri Clark visits the 8 Seconds Saloon to introduce new music to her Indiana fans.

Just one week after Terri Clark’s 11th studio album Raising The Bar is released, she makes a return visit to the legendary Indianapolis country club 8 Second Saloon to perform to a full house of TC fans and country music lovers. 

With the show about to begin, it becomes evident that the VIP tables located at the front of the room directly in front of the stage are full of Terri’s fan club members (HatBrat Club) as they all greet each other, share reviews and stories from past recent shows.   They also include tables full of merchandise and past memorabilia that have been seen and autographed by Terri in the meet and greet earlier in the evening. 

As the band enters the stage one at a time behind each other, the crowd begins to show their excitement by cheering Terri to the stage.  The show opens with the lead off song “Givin’ Up Givin’ A Damn” from the new album.  The new song proves that making the new album Terri did not drift too far from her traditional country sound that she has been known for, for her near 25-year career. 

Over her career, Terri has recorded 11 studio albums that have garnered 37 singles with six of them climbing to the top of the charts.   Rolling through the hits like her 1997 #1 “Emotional Girl,” the multi-platinum artist talks about how she was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame last week and the speech she had prepared for the moment.  She also spoke of her move to Nashville when she was 18 and needing hope.  “No Fear” was written with Mary Chapin Carpenter in 2000 expressing the feelings.

With the release of the new album one week ago, Terri thanks the crowd for placing it in the Top 10 for the week in iTunes sales and for all the positive remarks on all the social media sites.  In return, Terri performs the debut and current single “Young As We Are Tonight” from the new album, claiming that it is about “Grabbing life by the balls and living tonight as we are not guaranteed tomorrow or next week.  So live for the moment and enjoy it because we are only going to be as young as we are tonight.” 

Slowing the mood down for a minute, Terri sends a love song “Now That I Found You” to all the loved ones in the crowd in hopes that they might all get lucky tonight.  The song finds many on the dance floor slowly holding each other closely while everyone sings along.   

Picking the pace back up, Terri calls out the “Dirty Girls” before making a claim “The World Needs A Drink.”

Terri’s last visit to 8 Seconds Saloon was a solo acoustic show.  Wanting to return some of the memories, the band steps off stage leaving Terri standing on stage with just an acoustic guitar for tonight’s solo segment.  The song was written when Terri was 21 and married to “Ted,” to which she says his name in a sarcastic tone.  Claiming that Ted didn’t pay much attention to her, and at the age of 21 she would walk into another room where she would talk to her girlfriends for hours.  When she would return to the room that Ted was in, he wouldn’t even realize that she had left the room and probably still doesn’t.  She wrote this song “If I Were You” which became Terri’s first #1 hit and gave her the money enough to pay for her divorce from “Ted.”

Continuing on with her solo set, Terri performs her favorite song she has ever recorded that can be found on the new album.  “Weddings, Funerals and Empty Hotel Bars” is a song that could have easily been recorded back in the 90’s before country music became a mix of dance, pop and rock mixes of the new generation.  Tonight’s crowd gives a pleasurable applause in acceptance to the new music. 

As the band returns for the second part of the show, they join Terri in her 2002 anthem “I Just Wanna Be Mad” before a couple of her #1 tunes “You’re Easy On The Eyes” and the fun and sassy “Girls Lie Too.” 

Rounding out and finishing up her show, Terri rolls all the way back to the beginning in 1995 with “I’ve Got Better Things To Do” before the crowd assists with “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” that is mixed with the chorus of “Band On The Run” by Paul McCartney & Wings.

With applause and cheers, Terri and her band are summoned back to the stage for an encore of “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink,” a Merle Haggard cover. 

Terri’s vocals and strong guitar playing seem to be right on track tonight as the crowd cannot get enough of her.  In return, Terri appears to be happy, relaxed and really having fun with the crowd this evening. With the crowd participation and reactions to Terri’s new music and songs of old, it is safe to say that Terri and her music are on a positive path to compete and survive against today’s new country sounds.

Opening the show for Terri tonight is Nate Kenyon from South East Georgia.  Nate gets the crowd hopping with a few covers including “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter and “Drink In My Hand” by Eric Church, along with originals like “Dirt Road Dollars,” “Met Her In The South” and “Next Time It’s 3AM.”

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Terri Clark setlist:

  1. Givin’ Up Givin’ A Damn     2. I Wanna Do It All     3. A Little Gasoline     4. Three Mississippi     5. Emotional Girl      6. No Fear     7. Young As You Are Tonight     8. Now That I Found You     9. Dirty Girl     10. The World Needs A Drink     11. If I Were You – Acoustic solo     12. Weddings, Funerals And Empty Hotel Bars – Acoustic solo     13. I Just Wanna Be Mad     14. When Boy Meets Girl     15. You’re Easy On The Eyes     16. Girls Lie Too     17. Better Things To Do     18. Poor Poor Pitiful Me/Band On The Run (Paul McCartney & Wings cover)     Encore – I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink (Merle Haggard cover)

Event Date: 21-SEP-2017