The Struts, along with White Reaper and Spirit Animal, hit Detroit to kick off their Body Talks Tour 2018.

Spirit Animal opened the night. This New York band formed in 2010, and after releasing an album and handful of EPs, boomed into the spotlight this year with the release of their second full-length album Born Yesterday.

These guys have amazing chemistry together. Vocalist Steve Cooper commands the stage through “JFK” and “Karma”. The band’s electric backtrack provides a quirky, heavy beat that sets them apart from the rest. Guitarist Cal Stamp and bassist Ronen Evron are thrilling pillars on either side of the stage while Ronen Evron’s drums lock everything together.

“Painkiller” was one of the highlights of the night, full of punchy catchy beats. The band is all smiles and attitude as they power through their set. During the fan favorite “YEAH!” Cooper jumped into the pit to further pull the audience in. Spirit Animal kept the crowd dancing throughout the entire set. These guys are definitely one to check out. Born Yesterday is out now and available on the band’s website.

White Reaper hit the stage next. This garage punk band, based in Louisville KY, has released two EP’s and two full-length albums. Their first album in 2015 White Reaper Does It Again, and The World’s Best American Band in 2017.

They waste no time getting the crowd riled up even more with their infectiously catchy, upbeat punky sound. This band meshes together perfectly, letting their music do all the talking. Vocalist and guitarist Tony Esposito leads the charge while melding perfectly with Hunter Thompson’s guitar. Brothers Sam and Nick Wilkerson are an anchor of a rhythm section on bass and drums, respectively while Ryan Hater hypes up the crowd whenever he isn’t rocking the keyboard.

Throughout their set, White Reaper won over the crowd, each song full of strong hooks and party anthems, a perfect addition to the night. The World’s Best American Band is out now, available on digital and through their website.

The packed in crowd erupted in cheers as The Struts finally take the stage. Vocalist Luke Spiller cried out the now famous opening line “Hey you, do you know who I think I am?” and jumped into “Primadonna Like Me,” one of the singles from their latest album Young and Dangerous.

The music and applause was almost deafening as they veered right into one of their biggest new singles “Body Talks;” the crowd already knowing and singing along to every word. With a giant grin from all, the band greeted the crowd with an old favorite “Kiss This.”

Having been around since 2009, The Struts exploded onto the scene with their debut studio album Everybody Wants in 2014. Since then, they have toured with legends like The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Foo Fighters; they have sold out tours, and charted with multiple singles. Tonight was the first night of the Body Talks Tour, and to nobody’s surprise, the venue sold out. This band has shown they are clearly worth the hype.

Luke Spiller is a legend in the making. From the moment he hit the stage, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. His vocals have such an emotional range that pours out of every note. Clad in fringe and eccentric robes, he exudes swagger as he traverses across the stage, egging the crowd on further.

This band is full of raw talent. Addo Slack is a powerhouse on guitar with brilliant riffs and solos. Jed Elliott on bass and Gethin Davies on drums are rock solid together, giving the band their infectious groove. Put Spiller at the front of everything and this bombastic band is a juggernaut that is only getting bigger.

The band premiered a lot of material from their new album, including quite a few previously unheard songs. “Fire (Part 1)” and “People” were fantastic beats to the collection, but never forgetting the old favorites with awesome dance tracks like “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Put Your Money on Me.”

Spiller took to the piano for a stunning rendition of their popular anthem “One Night Only,” while the crowd was blown away with the punchy new song “Bulletproof Baby.” The band riffed together and Spiller led the crowd in a vocal interlude before launching into the “Where Did She Go.”

For an encore, Spiller took to the piano again for another new ballad “Somebody New.” They kept the new ballad theme going with the sweeping “Ashes (part 2).” In a finale of all finales, they closed the night with “Could Have Been Me,” one of their biggest hits; the venue was practically rattling with the sheer volume of the band and crowd singing together.

I say with full confidence that these guys are the future of rock n’ roll. Their talent and persona is unmatched. They have a true love for rock n’ roll and it bleeds through their music. They are so much more than a glam rock band; they are already legendary and are only just beginning.

The Struts are continuing their US tour throughout the winter, and hitting the UK in the new year. Young and Dangerous is available everywhere on October 26 and is available for pre-order on their website.

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Event Date: 21-SEP-2018

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