Prong is touring the United States and made a stop in Midwest before returning to Europe this fall.

Tommy Victor continually puts out good material and, after 30 years of Prong, is still plugging away.  The latest album, Ruining Lives, is a throw back to some of their earlier work.  This album is fast and concentrates on the guitar driven thrash.  The vocal arrangements and lyrics are strong creating a great live show with their hardcore punk meets metal sound. Being only a three-piece band, Prong puts out a very full sound. The drums with double kick bass drives right through your chest, but the star of the show is the strong, aggressive guitar. The smooth and loud lyrics are easily understandable yet gravely and hard hitting.

The crowd was excited and on edge as Prong took the stage. While a small mosh pit did form, the incredible guitar had each person focused on the stage, visibly singing along with fists pumping in the air. It was evident that 30 years of Prong had touched those in attendance and they were enjoying every minute. The long set was well received and the mix of new and old material made for a great time.

One of the bands supporting Prong was CREEP. They are a local staple in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area.  These skeletal clad rockers can be counted on for a hard line, aggressive metal sound that knocks you off your feet. Strong drums, harsh guitar, and creaky vocals make these guys perfect for a pit slamming good time, and yet don’t assault your senses so much that you can’t just simply enjoy.  B The Creep has a great voice that is reminiscent of Lemmy and JR’s driving guitar which makes you want to “Rock Til You Rot.” There are rumblings that a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes in the Creeplair, including a new album that is in the works, a new video, and new merchandise coming soon. There is talk of the possibility of an old school horror movie in the works as well. The crowd at Centerstage appreciated their theatrics and their sound.

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