Circle Of Life is the long-awaited debut album from Ghost Community – a project put together by bass player Matty Cohen.

John Paul Vaughan (lead vocals), Simon Rogers (guitars/backing vocals), Moray Macdonald (keyboards/backing vocals), and Jake Bradford-Sharp (drums/backing vocals) join Cohen to form Ghost Community. “This is a community,” as the band describes and the name suggests, is the mantra throughout this album. The songs throw off the rose-colored glasses and deliver messages of hope to a world in decay. There’s a story to them in each of them that touches on the truths in our lives.

From track one, aptly named “Rise Up,” the album is off to a great start. The album ‘rises up’ to a big opener about standing up for what’s right. It’s a heavier track, with all sides playing hard. It’s not overpowering and equally shows off each member of the band. “Rise Up” is reminiscent of 30 Seconds to Mars meeting Rush; not a bad combination at all.

“Mirror Lakes” is trickier to decipher. Are we to interpret the song to be about people out of reach or the real person underneath the skin they present? People seeing what they want to see? Whatever it is, it is a fine song. Softer, but still possessing power, it is maybe more of a traditional “prog” song in its form.

“Anything And Everything” does what it says on the tin. Included within the Floyd-esque track is a mix of musical styles featuring great keyboard work along with heavy bass and rock riffs.

“Blue December Morning” is a slow starter, metronomic, and soft while you wait in anticipation. It speeds up slightly until the finale featuring some exceptional drumming.

“Ghost Community” follows. The band’s anthem is sure to have live audiences singing along, and the community-oriented message is delivered clear for all to hear.

Title track “Cycle Of life” closes the album. It is an epic at nearly sixteen minutes in length, though it passes quickly and holds your rapt attention. The song has all the markings of a prog song from mood and time changes – like having four seasons in one day.

The same can be said for the whole album, too. There isn’t a bad track, and all songs are well written. The band members, each possessing great talent, are equally represented in this beautiful community.

The album, scheduled for release on June 24, can be purchased from the band’s website, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

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