Sum 41 make a special stop at the House of Blues Orlando in support of the 15 year anniversary of their pop-punk “must own” release Does This Look Infected.

A vast array of Orlando punk, pop, skate and metal fans flocked to the iconic House of Blues Orlando in hopes of getting themselves “In Too Deep” and maybe even a “Fat Lip,” from none other than the punk icons themselves, Sum 41.  Dress code for the evening’s event varied from mohawks, liberty spikes, and skate shoes, to tattered jeans, colorful tattoo sleeves, and conservative hairstyles.  In either case, a true bond existed between tonight’s concert goers, and that is a love for the energetic and punk-adelic skateboarding pop stars, Sum 41.

9:15 pm, eastern standard time: a mysterious glowing white sheet cloaks the stage of the House of Blues Orlando.  Random sounds of percussion and instrumental tuning occasionally penetrate the house soundtrack as those in attendance eagerly await the evening’s event.  The second-hand sweeps time forward to 9:30 pm and the curtain is lifted as the stage lights come to blinding life.  Simultaneously, blasts from massive confetti cannons fire dual payloads of party paper onto the unsuspecting fans.  Three risers appear to the front of the stage and together guitarists Tom Thacker and returning alumni David “Brownsound” Baksh are joined by the bass monster, Jason McCalsin, and iconic frontman, Deryck Whibley.  The team mounts their thrones and the crowd takes a moment to enjoy sensory overload as the seasoned musicians exchange smiles and eye contact with their fans.  

The night is underway, and Whibley starts the event by bringing up the house lights and handpicking five lucky attendees to come on stage and share the concert experience in 3D.  The selections are made and crowd energy explodes as Sum 41 launches the unmistakable beat of “The Hell Song.”  Right out of the gate, the auditorium becomes animated with rows of hopping fans, cracking their whippersnappers just like the music videos Sum 41 is known for.  Frontman Whibley announces that they are going to rock this night just like the old days when they were a new band and it was punk energy.  They proceed into a ninety-minute setlist of nearly twenty tunes (with several surprises along the way.)

Slamming some pop-punk purity, the band gives fans “My Direction,” “All Messed Up,” and “Thanks For Nothing.”  Shortly into “A.N.I.C.” the infamous “crowd-surfing” begins (known to a staple of Sum’s shows,) as fan after fan is hurled through the air by friendly fingers, and to be gently returned to earth by the HOB security team.  The most recent addition to the Sum 41 roster brings the drumming virtuoso Frank Zummo to the skins for the team.  Mid-set, Zummo engages the crowd with a spectacular drum solo that highlights his technical expertise, as well as paying homage to Linkin Park.  Fans get another musical memory when the familiar beat to Queen’s classic “We Will Rock You,” begins and Whilbey delivering a spot on interpretation of the classic piece.  

With energy still high, and sweaty fans still in “Beast” mode, the band attempts a friendly rouse with the last notes of “Hooch,” by implying that their evening has come to an end.  A dramatic pause ensues and the suspicious crowd is delighted to see them return to the stage, and give them a three-song encore.  The final morsel of the evening is the legendary pop-punk tune “Fat Lip,” pushing the crowd into a sing-along frenzy, following along with the antics of frontman Whilbey.

Sum 41 is currently on a twenty stop, North American tour supporting the 15th year anniversary of Does This Look Infected.  Concert-goers are urged to attend: but be ready, their energy is contagious!

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Event Date: 07-MAY-2018

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