Celebrating 30 years, Tesla rocked a packed House of Blues in Orlando.

Tesla, often lumped into the genre of hair bands of the 80’s, in anything but. Nothing against our beloved 80’s hair bands, but they are far from it. While there was never any spandex or ‘big hair’, I’m sure there were groupies all the same. But those stories are for another time. Today, we talk about Tesla playing to a sold-out, if not over-sold, show located in one of ‘Mouse Town’s’ epicenters, Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)

Tesla is celebrating 30 years as a band. Seeing them tonight, it seems like only yesterday that their songs were heard so frequently on local radio stations. They are full of energy and enthusiasm as they hit the stage. The first song is the hard-hitting tune, “MP3” from their most recent album, “Simplicity”, which was released in 2014.

The band is comprised of Jeff Keith, vocals, Frank Hannon, lead guitar, Brian Wheat, bass & keyboards, Troy Luccketta, drums, & Dave Rude, guitar & bass. Tesla have always been rock n roll in it’s purest raw form. “MP3” is a top-notch example of that. They followed that up with many favorites including, “Hang Tough”, “The Way It Is”, and “Heaven’s Trail” (better known as “No Way Out”). Keith has a very distinctive and signature style of singing which can be very taxing on the vocal chords but he was sounding as tip-top as ever.

The House of Blues has a capacity of over 2,000 music fans and it seemed none of the words to the songs were lost on them whatsoever. They sang along, sometimes taking over, to other songs such as “Signs”, “Lil Suzi”, as well as an acoustic, heartfelt rendition of “Love Song”. Both Keith and Hannon were seated at the front of the stage for this one, engaging with the crowd. Last, but certainly not least, they closed the show out with the heart-pumping, ever and still popular “Modern Day Cowboy”, to which the crowd erupted loudly.

House of Blues Orlando also has one of the most helpful and accommodating staff of just about any other venue in the area. It’s the perfect place to catch lunch or dinner and a concert anytime.

Tesla were accompanied by two opening bands Voices of the Extreme and Weapons of Anew. Both of these high energy, hard rocking bands set the stage well for Tesla.

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Event Date: 30-SEP-2017