Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage make history by performing simultaneously at the Wacken Open Air music festival in northern Germany.

With over 80,000 attendees at the Waken Open Air music festival, the two bands successfully executed something that had never been seen before. The performance was put together by Paul O’Neil. Savatage‘s bad included Al Pitrelli, Jon Oliva, Johnny Lee Middleton, Chris Caffery, Jeff Plate, Zak Stevens, Bill Hudson and several background musicians. Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s band included John O.Reilly, Jeff Plate, David Z, Johnny Lee Middleton, Angus Clark, Chris Caffery, Mee Eun Kim, Derek Wieland, Asha Melvana, Roddy Chong, with singing by Jeff Scott Soto, Kayla Reeves, and Andrew Ross.

The performance started at 9:45 om with Savatage performing Gutter Ballet, Hall of the Mountain King, Edge of Thorns, Jesus Saves, and a few more. Once they finished their performance, Trans-Siberian Orchestra performed Prometheus, and Toccata/Carpimus Nocterm to name a few. At 11pm they shocked the crowd by performing an hour long simultaneous performance. They played songs created by both bands including Turns To Me, Believe, A Last Illusion, Requiem, Beethoven, and King Rurick.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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