Old school punk legends SNFU and The Meatmen share the stage in Portland for a night of skate music and rambunctious obscenity to the delight of eager fans.

The Branx, in Portland, Oregon, is what every great punk bar should be. A bar, a big dark room, and a stage with a cool band always playing on it. First up was Mr. Plow, although I unfortunately missed seeing him. The doors opened at 8pm and there I was standing in line to get in. I have seen him at a previous date at another venue so I know he is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Mr. Plow online:
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Then there was Nihilist Cunt, from the California Bay Area, which consists of Becca Cunt (Vocals), David Hapless (Guitar), Ilya Intravenous (Bass), Mike 86d (Drums), and Obadiah Stephen Bowling (Guitar). While the room starting to fill up, Nihilist Cunt singer Becca jumped off the stage and whipped up the pit with a punch and shove. This got the room moving! For many years now, the Bay Area has been home to many great bands and musicians leaving me with the impression that there is definitely something in the water, or maybe its in the air. Nihilist Cunt is definitely a product of this!

Set list
Killing spree
Feed Off
Bla bla bla
The Bitch
The End

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Nihilist Kunt online:

My New Vice from Portland Oregon performed a killer set. My New Vice is Lukas, Vocals / Guitar, Guil, Guitar, Smiley, Bass, Damien, Drums. They have been a part of the Portland Rock and Roll sound since 2007 with three full albums and currently in the studio with their 4th. My New Vice’s influences range from acts such as Kid Rock, Rev Run of Run DMC, Poison Idea, The Generators, Zeke, Joe Buck of HANK III, Floater, Five Finger Death Punch, M.D.C., Atreyu, Spittin’ Cobras, Flexx Bronco, All Bets on Death, Get Dead, & My Life In Black and White to name a few. If you’re in Portland, Oregon and they’re playing be sure to check them out.

My New Vice online:
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Next up was The Meatmen. Tesco Vee (Vocals), Dan Gillies (Bass), John Lehl (Drums), and Kevin Roberts (Guitar) are the Men O’ Meat, which delivered their fun, raunchy dose of humorous punk rock to the eagerly awaiting crowd! Tesco Vee is the grandaddy of this genre so it was very cool to see him up on the stage acting as if he was 21 again. The man OWNS the stage when he is on it. He has a great backing band that proves as good as the other musicians that came before them.

Mah Crib
We’re the meatmen and you suck
Stud/ men meat & fire death rig/ evil in a league/ girl
men O meat
tooling for anus
I’ve got a problem
trible B
Dumping ground
Shut up and suck
fast food fist f*ck
Pope on a rope
Rock n roll enema
crippled children suck
I sin for a living
mr Tapeworm
pissed hot for weed
speed kills
orgy of one
2 down 2 to go

Meatmen online:
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Canadian band SNFU had some big shoes to fill after The Meatmen which they did with Old Skool style and class! These guys have been at it as long as The Meatmen, both of which formed back in 1981. Starting out under the name of Society’s No Fucking Use, their name was frequently shortened to Society’s NFU then permanently adopting the SNFU moniker thereafter. Having been a major influence on the skate-punk genre, their début album …And No One Else Wanted To Play is considered a punk classic. In 2000, the album was even included in Chart Magazine’s Top 100 Greatest Canadian Albums of All Time.

Although vocalist Mr. Chi Pig (Ken Chinn) is the only official original member, bassist Dave Bacon played drums for the band in 1985 thru 1987 and recently returned this year as their bass player. The rest of the band is rounded out by Randy Steffes and ‘Dirty’ Kurt Robertson on guitars with Adrian White on drums. The band has stayed true to their roots making this a welcomed return, of sorts.

SNFU online:
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