The Black Dahlia Murder rock Portland, leaving the crowd battered, bruised, and completely satisfied Wednesday night.

The show opens with Maruta. Dark silhouettes run and bounce around the stage. Loud, fast, and heavy; Maruta starts the crowd off with great expectations of what was to come. The grindcore/death metal band is out in support of their new album, Remain Dystopian, out now on Relapse Records.

Next is Harm’s Way. Band members Chris Mills, Bo Leuders, James Pligge, and Jan Jancetic bring a hardcore punk feel to the rowdy crowd. Vocalist James Pligge strutted the stage clad only in black short shorts. Pligge jumped and flung his muscle-bound body about the stage while bass player Bo Leuders displayed his acrobatic prowess without missing a beat. Fans began to warm up with stage divers and crowd surfers coming alive. Harm’s Way is on tour in support of their latest album, Rust.

Iron Reagan, a crowd favorite, energize fans with their blend of thrash and hardcore punk. Tony Foresta (vocalist) is wildly entertaining. When the crowd isn’t busy banging their heads, they are laughing until their sides are sore. Foresta even mentioned how terrible the lighting was. At one point, he calls out to the lighting technician, “Hey lighting dude! Can you leave the lights alone? You are giving me a panic attack.”

The fans go wild as crowd surfers and slam dancers take over the pit area. Broken glasses, hats, shoes, and t-shirts are strewn about the floor. Iron Reagan’s latest album, Tyranny of Will, is available now via Relapse Records.

The Black Dahlia Murder enter to a sea of wild, screaming fans. The band launches into their ferocious onslaught of face ripping sound. They encourage crowd surfers and stage divers to join the fun; the stage comes alive with activity.

The band plays a mixture of songs from their newest release on Metal Blade Records, Abysmal, and many of their older favorites. It was the perfect culmination to a night of building energy.

Black Dahlia Murder and Iron Reagan are on the road for the Indiemerch Tour 10-Year Anniversary through December 20.

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