Hard Rock and metal dripped from the walls as Saxon and Armored Saint played to a capacity crowd at the Token Lounge.

The line wraps around the Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan as the doors open up for a night of metal. Fans make their way to the front of the stage as MindMaze opens up the show. Many are caught off guard by the melodic majesty of this new band from Allentown, Pennsylvania. The vocals soar over searing guitars and a mighty rhythm section. Their set is over in a blink of an eye. MindMaze has everyone in the front row talking and has turned up the heat with their performance.

As the lights go down, the Token Lounge is packed with a raucous crowd of metal enthusiasts pressed up tight against the stage. Armored Saint opens up with “Win Hands Down” from their fantastic new album of the same title which National Rock Review gave much praise. “March of the Saint” has the crowd singing along to every note as Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan ignite the air with their guitar work. It is clear that fans enjoy the new album as the audience joins John Bush in singing the chorus to “Exercise In Debauchery” with Gonzo Sandoval and Joey Vera laying down monstrous rhythms. The roar is deafening as the band closes out their set with “Can U Deliver.” The only problem with Armored Saint’s performance is the set is too short.

The walls and ceiling are melting with the heat of metal unleashed as Saxon begins their onslaught with “Motorcycle Man,” and then the title track from their new album Battering Ram. Biff Byford has the crowd in his hand as he belts out “This Town Rocks.” His vocals are nearly inaudible during the chorus of “Power and The Glory,” as everyone in the house is singing along with fists slammed into the air. Nibbs Carter is a headbanging maniac as his bass thunders along with the exquisite snapping drums of Nigel Glocker on “Heavy Metal Thunder.”

The guitars sing, cry, and scream as Doug Scarratt and Paul Quinn play amazing solos on “The Eagle Has Landed,” and “Never Surrender.” After an hour of solid Saxon music, the band wraps up their set with “Princess of The Night.” Roaring chants of “SAXON!” fill the air and the band returns to rip into “Crusader.” Saxon attempts once more to leave the stage, but the fans will have none of this. They emerge from behind the stage and the audience sings with Biff on “747.” The band dedicates “Denim and Leather,” to the throng of diehard metalheads who relish in this final song.

You could not ask for a better show than the one put on by Saxon, Armored Saint, and MindMaze. Not a soul left the Token Lounge without the power of metal blazing through them on this magnificent night of music.

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