Amara Avodem and Manuel Buhl talk about their influences, the new album, and the power of nature.

Nürnberg, Germany-based Visionatica formed in 2014 when vocalist Amara Avodem met guitarist Manuel Buhl. Along with bassist and drummer Gerhard Spanner, the band plays symphonic metal which contrasts perfectly to Avodem’s beautiful soprano voice.

Avodem started singing young. “I [started] to sing in the kindergarten,” she said. “[At] the age of 14, [I] was trained in the opera house. I also had a little musical training and was in theatre since childhood.”

After discussing various ideas, both Avodem and Buhl agreed upon “Visionatica.” According to Avodem, the name “describes exactly what we wanted to say with our music.”

According to the band bio, the wolf symbolizes strength, attraction, mysticism, and cohesion. It also refers to lycanthropy, representing the force within an individual which he or she can not control. Avodem says the song, “She Wolf,” has an important message warning people of “how wrong we treat nature and the environment.”

Of the other tracks on Force of Luna, Avodem explains that “Lilith” is the myth of the first woman in paradise. She refused to subject herself to Adam and fled. “She is demonized, but she is the strongest [force for] feminism,” said Avodem.

As with “She Wolf,” nature and survival are also recurrent themes. “Totem” tells the story of a person receiving help from a Native American spirit who grants them their totem or power animal, in this case, a crow to lead them to safety. The theme continues with “Never Will Die,” a song about strength so “the fire within never dies.” Avodem explains that “sometimes … the bad things in life make you stronger.”

Another topic on the album is Lycanthropy? Avodem said, “For me, it is a very interesting topic, that I can link to many things in live… For me, it has not only to do with the transformation from human into a wolf. It’s a transformation into something spiritual.”

The album also includes critiques of our society, including “Imprinting Lies,” “Swamp Of The World,” and “Certainty of Benevolence” is also a social commentary. Avodem discussed the relevant messages of these songs, how the daily lies that perpetuate our lives “drives us crazy” and how “you should not let [society] control you.”

Avodem explains that “The Thorns” is personal. “Someone [who] helps me through something dark in my life and … brought my confidence back,” said Amara.

With regards to influences, the lists European artists such as Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sirenia, but also Wintersun, Powerwolf, and Stratovarius. As for US influences, Avodem mentions Evanescence and Buhl adds In This Moment.

Their album, Force of Luna, was recorded at the Red Audio Studio in Germany, Herzogenaurach over a three month period. Avodem and Buhl collaborate on musical compositions, while she wrote the lyrics.

Napalm Records and Record Jet are distributing Force of Luna in Europe. The album is also available via Amazon and iTunes for fans outside of Europe.

“She Wolf” by Visionatica

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