The Red Rocker brought his A Journey Through The History Of Rock tour to a packed house full of Hagar fans in the Motor City.

Sammy Hagar’s A Journey Through The History Of Rock tour is a must see, good time rock ‘n roll party, event of the summer. Featuring Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, and Vic Johnson, the band played through a set list which included songs spanning Hagar’s extensive years as a musician.

It was 72 degrees and partly cloudy outside, but inside Freedom Hill, the weather was 80 degrees and sunny, and the masses were ready to party with Sammy and his friends. Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum was flowing and beach balls were bouncing as each member of the band stepped out, one by one, to a sold-out pavilion.

This year’s ‘friends’ included Michael Anthony on Bass, Vic Johnson on Guitar, and Jason Bonham on drums.

Just after 8:00pm, Sammy started the show opening up with his 1981 hit, There’s Only One Way To Rock. But Sammy fully intended to show that there was NOT only one way, but four decades worth! The band then slammed into the last song recorded for Montrose’s 1973 début album, Rock Candy.

Paying homage to drummer Jason Bonham’s rock royalty bloodline, the band reached further back to 1969 and covered Led Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times before jumping ahead to the nineties breaking… make that drilling… into Van Halen’s 1991 hit Poundcake.

Four decades covered in the first four songs… check!

Sammy didn’t mention any political affiliations, but did say that Sarah Palin earned his vote for listening to I Can’t Drive 55 just prior to getting a speeding ticket. Bet you’ll never guess what came next? “One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey…”

Sammy’s show is a killer rock show regardless of how many decades have passed; a lot of drums, a lot of bass, two screaming guitars, and the unmistakable voice of this seasoned veteran singer who has been around for four decades of rock n’ roll!

Finishing out tonight’s set list was: Michael Anthony’s Bass Solo, When It’s Love (Van Halen), Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin), Little White Lies, When The Levee Breaks (Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy), Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin), which was synchronized with a video of The Song Remains The Same, Why Can’t This Be Love (Van Halen), Finish What Ya’ Started (Van Halen), Heavy Metal, Vic Johnson Guitar Solo, Best Of Both Worlds (Van Halen), Right Now (Van Halen), Oh Yeah (Chickenfoot), Rock & Roll (Led Zeppelin), and Dreams (Van Halen) done acoustic.

Our photographer, Thom Seling, was on hand to catch the party on film. Here are his images from that night.

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