I Prevail brings their Rage on the Stage tour to Las Vegas with We Came as Romans, The Word Alive and Escape the Fate.

It’s a Wednesday night in Las Vegas and judging from the crowd this is going to be one that won’t soon be forgotten.  The Rage on the Stage tour is about to kick off.  

Escape the Fate is starting the show and since this band began in Las Vegas the crowd is excited to see them.  Tons of fans wait in line early in the evening. Unfortunately there is a situation which results in a thirty minute delay in the doors only allowing for 15 minutes for these fans to get in to catch Escape the Fate, but these fans are determined.  Feeding off of the energy of their hometown crowd this band delivers a highly energetic set packing in as many of their songs as possible and interacting with the crowd at the same time.  The tone is set for the evening.

As the stage is changed over for The Word Alive you begin to notice something odd, a plain wood chair is placed in the middle of the stage.  The lights go out and the band comes to the stage with front-man Telle Smith hopping out to the chair on a cast.  Turns out he suffered a compound fracture of his leg three nights ago and rather than cancel the tour they are making it work and they do.  Smith interacts with the crowd telling them he needs them to be full of energy and jumping since he can’t and they listen.  

We Came as Romans is up next and they always draw a large crowd in Las Vegas.  Vocalist and keyboardist Kyle Pavone is one of the first members to take the stage followed by the rest with the other vocalist Dave Stephens exploding onto the stage last.  This band is full of energy, there are countless jumps with all members of the band flying through the air. Stephens prowls the stage pumping up the crowd while Pavone does double duty singing and going back to the keyboards.  The set consists of popular tracks like “Ghosts,” “Regenerate,” and the crowd favorite “To Plant a Seed.”  Vegas is definitely wanting this band to come back on a headlining tour.

The final band of the evening is I Prevail, the second group of the night hailing from Michigan.  A large black curtain covers the stage and when it drops the crowd sees a wrestling ring on the stage with drummer Gabe Helguera sitting in it.  Immediately the crowd notices something is different vocalist Brian Burkheiser is missing.  Eric Vanlerberghe addresses this after the first song saying Brian is on vocal rest, guitarist Dylan Bowman picks up these vocal parts for the evening and does an excellent job. 

Vanlerberghe has a brief conversation with the crowd about his love of wrestling and that is why there is a ring on the stage.  The crowd eats up this interaction and the band and the crowd continue to feed off of each other through the set.  There are surprises too, like confetti cannons being used at the third song rather than waiting till the end.  The high energy set including songs like “Come and Get It,” “RISE,” “Pull the Plug,” and “Stuck in Your Head” have the crowd moshing and crowd surfing from start to finish.  One of the surprises of the night was the mashup of “Eye of the Tiger/Blank Space.” I Prevail first came to a lot of peoples awareness from their version of the Taylor Swift cover, but so often these songs are left out of the live set much to the disappointment of the crowd.  That wasn’t the case here and it was appreciated.

These four bands deliver an amazing night of music that should be seen.  The close to sold out crowd appreciates every moment of the night and they definitely got their moneys worth from this show.

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Event Date: 15-NOV-2017

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