Through Our Eyes offer up their debut album, Welcome To Life, which explores the spectrum of heavy music by melding rich vocals with super charged songs brimming with energy.

Through Our Eyes is a new band from Detroit who is set to explode with a sound that combines elements of hard rock and metal. Their style ranges from metal to stadium rock anthems. The dynamics of each song on Welcome To Life add to the intrigue with catchy rhythms and melodies.

“Myriad” claws out of the gate with a take no prisoners’ attitude. The song plays with rage and intensity. This is the first glimpse into the wide vocal range of Annette Bilek. She has a beautiful voice traveling from stunning clean lines to a hostile rasp. The heavier vocals are tastefully used for effect to emphasize an emotional component to a song instead of being a prop.

“MeYou” paints a picture of a possessive relationship gone horribly wrong. The arrangement of the song lends to the psychotic theme with choppy grinding guitars and a beat implying demented intentions from a twisted mind. This could easily have been on the sound track to the movie Gone Girl.

“Dreams” displays an interesting contrast between the bright light of following your dreams and the harsh darkness of fear and those who may try to keep you from following your heart. The light dreamy side is portrayed with a ballad feel. Fear is cast in a seismic metal shift that features some punchy bass by Nick Ryan.

A candidate for a hit single on Welcome To Life is the track “To Live,” which is a power ballad in a sense with its catchy hooks and quiet passages balanced by the high powered uplifting chorus. This is a song of hope and encouragement which should get lighters held high.

Another standout track is “Through Our Eyes” with a vicious melee performed on the drums by John-e Boettcher as deranged Digitech whammy squeals elevate the chaotic attack to stratospheric levels. Without a doubt this song is the band’s heaviest material on the album.

Welcome to Life by Through Our Eyes is a solid debut offering up music that will appeal to fans of Nonpoint, Altered Bridge, and Flyleaf. It will be interesting to see how this band progresses as time unfolds.


Through Our Eyes
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