Sabaton makes a triumphant return to Louisville, satisfying metal-hungry fans with Leaves Eyes and Battle Beast. 

Headlining a tour of the US and Canada for the first time since 2012 in support of their recent album The Last Stand, Sabaton comes out firing on all cylinders much to the delight of a jam-packed Diamonds Pub crowd.

The last time Sabaton was in Louisville, they were playing the third stage at Louder than Life this past October. Tonight completely belongs to Sabaton.

By the time the intro tape of the Bolland & Bolland song “In the Army Now” blares over the Diamonds Pub loudspeakers the crowd is ready to explode. Capitalizing on the incredible energy, Sabaton blasts on stage with a rip-roaring rendition of “Ghost Division” and are there is no stopping them. 

Repeatedly, and with increasing intensity, the room chants ‘Sabaton’ at every break in the music. Lead singer Joakim Brodén seems at a loss for words and completely overwhelmed several times during the evening by the positive energy and emotion coming from the crowd.

The eruption that occurs when Sabaton breaks into “Sparta” is deafening, it seems the entire room is lifted by the opening chorus.  Keeping the intensity level going, “Screaming Eagles” is dedicated to the 101st Airborne Division. The entire venue chants ‘USA, USA’ at the song’s end creating a dramatic moment of the night.

Sabaton closes out a powerhouse set with “To Hell and Back” leaving the room hot, sweaty, exhausted and satisfied.

Providing the main support tonight is German symphonic metal/Viking metal band Leaves’ Eyes. The magical combination of melodic vocals of Elina Siirala, backed up by death growled vocals from Alexander Krull provides for a well-matched duo.

The evening gets off to a bumpy start as Battle Beast takes to the stage with many (unhappy) fans still outside in the wind and light rain, missing a good part of the band’s set.  Once inside, the electricity and energy from the stage is palpable as Battle Beast rolls thru their set.  Lead Singer Noora Louhimo is a dominating force on stage and judging by the fans’ reactions, is thoroughly appreciated during their set.

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Event Date: 30-APR-2017