The Smashing Pumpkins performs an amazing In Plainsong set in Louisville with Liz Phair.

It was a very special evening at the Louisville Palace as The Smashing Pumpkins as their In Plainsong tour made a much-anticipated stop. The In Plainsong tour is an acoustic-electro evening in and intimate and straightforward format highlighting the compositions, the lyrics, and vocals of their catalog of songs along with a few covers thrown in.

It is against a tree-lined backdrop hued in red that Billy Corgan takes his position center stage. Looking dapper as ever in a black pinstripe suit, complete with the fedora and an acoustic guitar, Billy starts our journey with a stirring rendition of “Cardinal Rule,” immediately followed by “Stumbleine” before they performed an intimate Smashing Pumpkins favorite, “Tonight, Tonight.”

In a touching version of “The World’s Fair,” the entire venue was quiet, and Billy Corgan’s voice resonated throughout the building. Next, Billy and guitarist Jeff Schroeder rolled right into a David Bowie cover of “Space Oddity” that had the audience on their feet in rapturous applause.

The Smashing Pumpkins performed what they called the “Siamese Suite” that includes songs from their 1993 release of Siamese Dream, including “Mayonaise,” “Soma,” “Spaceboy,” and fan favorite “Today.” It is the later with the fantastic verse, “Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known,” that brought a huge ovation.

A few more show memorable moments during the show; with the stage awash in blue and a corresponding backdrop behind Billy, he played “Sorrows (In Blue)” in a performance both outstanding and visually compelling.

With the houselights focused on the crowd, everyone was on their feet singing “1979” followed by another great ovation. The Pumpkins closed their set by performing a rousing rendition of Hole’s “Malibu,” which Billy co-wrote with Courtney Love.

Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins ended this outstanding evening with a one-song encore; a Rolling Stones cover of “Angie” that put a great exclamation point on the night.

The Smashing Pumpkins are Billy Corgan (vocals and guitar), Jimmy Chamberlin (drums), Jeff Schroeder (guitar), Sierra Swan (keys and vocals), and Katie Cole (bass).

Making her first US tour in six years, singer/songwriter Liz Phair started the evening off in fine fashion with an 11-song set of original material that was well received. Liz’s set included several acoustic songs, including “Johnny Feelgood” and “Our Dog Days Behind Us,” along with some plugged-in numbers, like “Mesmerizing” and “Supernova,” before closing with “Divorce.”

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