Dirty South received a Heavy dose of Metal this year at Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.

Hotlanta lived up to it’s name with temperatures soaring into the upper 90s, the bands on the tour heated things up even more. On the Victory Records Stage setup in the parking lot outside Aarons Amphitheater, Sworn in and Shattered Sun got things rolling causing the Atlanta crowd to create a cloud of dust over the stage. Swedish metalers Sister Sin were certainly a treat with their forcefully energetic set.

Straight out of Wisconsin Jungle Rot was unrelenting as they awakened headbangers. Aussie metal act Thy Art Is Murder had some fun with the “Twerkle Pit” while rocking the stage. Heavy hitters Whitechapel gave a crushing performance despite a rain shower in the blistering heat. Kissing Candice and Feed Her to the Sharks gave energetic performances of their own but with their time slots they had to compete with main stage bands limiting some of the attendance to their sets.

The Devil Wears Prada and Hellyeah kicked off the main stage activity. Metal-core band The Devil Wears Prada opened the main stage with,“Escape,” and followed with a solid set that prepared the crowd for an intense metal show. Hellyeah frontman Chad Gray jumped around the stage for 40 minutes with blood dripping down his face, singing primarily from their newest album “Blood for Blood”.

Both King Diamond and headliner Slayer brought intense doses of heavy metal to this year’s Mayhem Fest. King Diamond’s gothic church set piece was stunning, featuring gargoyles and stained glass windows. King Diamond’s performance was dramatic and mesmerizing, featuring such favorites as “The Candle,” “Evil,” and “Come to the Sabbath.” Slayer opened with ferocity, between the flame throwers and guitar rifts. You would have thought it was their first show back in 1981. Their set was heavy with the fan-favorites, and they saved the biggest tracks, “South of Heaven,” “Raining Blood,” and “Angel of Death” for the end of their hour long set.

Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival has been a staple in the music festival world since 2008 and in what could be it’s final chapter, ended the run with a full onslaught of powerful metal by some of the genre’s most seasoned bands. Hopefully we see you next year.