R6 Implant returned to the Schlafly Tap Room stage after a two-year hiatus, playing with *.* and the Pat Sajak Assassins.

R6 Implant took the stage on Thursday night at Schlafly Tap Room, playing old favorites and a few new songs. The band is an interesting and original progressive metal group whose members have been active in the St. Louis music scene for a couple of years. Both Dave Winkeler (bass) and Scott Randall (vocals) are alumni from Fragile Porcelain Mice, and Tazu Marshall (guitar) currently plays with The Mercs and Tennis Lesson, and The Defenestrator (drums) has been the pounder at Yowie since 2001.

Their set list included “Meth Party,” “Long Knives,” “American Spendthrift,” “Trust Fund,” “DPI,” “Charity,” “Misinformed,” “Christmas Day Massacre,” and “Half Assed Rembrandt.”

Progressive rock band, *.* (Star Period Star) from Savannah, Georgia, came through St. Louis on their Midwest tour and played second on the bill. Along with elements of progressive sound, the band also experiments with unconventional guitar tuning and has sparks of heaviness in their set. Since their inception in 1993, the band has released two full-length studio albums, one improv, one EP, and three 7-inch records on colored vinyl. Members Greg Stark (bass/backing vocals), Pat Hamilton (keys/guitars/backing vocals), Dan Sweigert (guitars/percussion/lead vocals), and Corey Gronner (drums/backing vocals) come from varying backgrounds and their music can seem improvised to the uninitiated. However, pay close attention and it becomes apparent the intricate “bent” sound could only come from dedicated practice and the ability to combine their separate visions into one.

Other St. Louis locals, Pat Sajak Assassins, opened the show. The band is progressive and experimental, bending towards free-jazz skronk, which becomes the foundation upon which Syrhea Conaway’s float above. Conaway’s vocals intricately intertwine with her fellow-bandmate Christopher Eilers’ dueling synthesizers. Brian Fleschute (bass) and Harol Covey (drums and pads) contribute additional layers, which provide the backdrop that becomes entangled and an integral part of the pretzel logic of their songs.


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