Rock isn’t dead. It’s just coming out of the Twin Cities area with great quality and quantity. 

“I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not but… VIA is kind of a big deal!” ~ Your Mom

VIA, a four piece out of Minneapolis, MN is currently made up of Jay (Vocals), Evo (Guitar), Ben (Drums), and Sam (Bass). These good ‘ole boys of dirty, hard rock, are coming for your beer, her boobs, and maybe more beer. After signing a new deal with Pavement Entertainment, Inc., the boys in VIA aren’t wasting any time. Their new album, Sanitize This, will drop Aug 21, 2015.

VIA – Closets (Official Video)

The album is a total of eight tracks and runs for about 28 minutes. Even though it’s not technically an EP, it is a bit of a shame that it’s a short LP. However, the sample of material on this release is good enough to show exactly what the gentlemen from the “land of ice and snow” are about. They have gotten attention for their style regionally and for good reason.



Track Listing For: Sanitize This

01. Why Do You Play God
02. Uncle Sam
03. The Color Snow
04. Shroommates
05. Red Room
06. Closets
07. …To Those Of You With A Guilty Conscience
08. Come Find Me


Two of the best tracks on the album, by far, are “Red Room” and “Closets.” Jay’s vocals are certainly on point in both of them. At times clean, and at others rather dirty, it really highlights his versatility. The gritty guitar grooves of Evos on “Red Room” hook you, and the bass line of Sam’s shakes you into obedience. The tempo changes pace from the start to the finish, thanks to Ben’s presence on the skins, and only enhances the experience. “Closets” comes out of the gates running and doesn’t look back. Not your typical love song, it serves as more of a warning to the women wanting to throw themselves on the innocent young men of the band.

Both songs are worthy of being the flagship single from this effort.

Overall, it is a solid rock outing that revives the essence of the genre. It’s four guys, their instruments, and a take it or leave attitude, that makes this album a winner. Give it a listen and it may surprise you how difficult it is not to incessantly press repeat. If you do grab it, let us know what you think.


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