Milwaukee-based To Paint with Fire hit the stage at Fubar, pounding St. Louis with their metal-core/post hardcore sound.

The six-man group, To Paint with Fire, rolled into St. Louis on their way back to Milwaukee from a recording session in Arizona. The band has been around for five years but went through numerous personnel changes before settling into their current lineup, which has solidified over the past five months. Despite the band’s age and the young ages of the members, their sound and personalities are mature and professional without sacrificing raw energy.

Although bassist Josh Wasserman and vocalist Matt Zigan met through school and camp, they and the other members (vocalist Garrett Bisbee, guitarist Drew Jensen, drummer Ben Skowronek, and guitarist Max Olson) were familiar with one another through the local Milwaukee music scene. Each brings their own unique influences and personal tastes to the band, from metal-core to jazz to hip-hop and nearly all other genres of music. While these disparate tastes might seem to make the band’s sound disorganized or lacking focus, the effect is quite the opposite. Their music uses these influences to highlight their songs, sometimes steering those songs into unexpected and interesting directions, keeping everything fresh.

The crowd at Fubar seemed unfamiliar with the band, but many remarked on how impressed they were after the performance. The stage was too small for this band, not only because they have six members, but also due to their energetic stage presence.

To Paint with Fire projects an August release date for their newest single, with more to follow later in 2015 and early 2016.

To Paint With Fire
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Website | Facebook | Twitter

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