Queensrÿche returns to Boise after a lengthy absence for an unanticipated performance at the Western Idaho Fair.

When Pat Benatar cancelled her appearance at the Western Idaho Fair due to her husband and band mate’s medical issues, the Fair wasted no time and booked Queensrÿche as a last minute replacement. Even on short notice, local metal heads, young and old, showed up in impressive numbers to catch the early Friday night performance from the progressive-metal Seattle natives. For many fans, this was their first time hearing Todd La Torre, who took over vocal duties in 2012.

Queensrÿche opened their set with the instrumental “Anarchy X,” from the highly acclaimed concept album Operation: Mindcrime. Founding members Michael Wilton on guitar, Scott Rockenfield on drums, and Eddie Jackson on bass were joined on stage by current guitarist Parker Lundgren, and moved seamlessly into “Nightrider” from their 1983 self-titled debut EP.

During the night, the band delved into their first five records, with songs that had established them as an iconic powerhouse of the 80’s and 90’s. The set included “En Force” and “NM 156” from their first full-length album, The Warning, and “Walk in the Shadows” from Rage For Order. From Operation Mindcrime, fans were treated to renditions of “Breaking the Silence,” “The Needle Lies,” “My Empty Room,” and “Eyes of a Stranger.” The band also played “Where Dreams Go to Die,” from their self-titled 2013 release, the first album featuring La Torre.

One of the highlights of the night was “Arrow of Time,” the first single from the band’s upcoming album, Condition Human. The band closed the night with their defining tracks, “Queen of the Reich,” “Jet City Woman,” and “Take Hold of the Flame.”

The band sounded reenergized and appeared genuinely excited about performing. La Torre, with his commanding stage presence and powerful vocals, has brought new life to Queensrÿche and has helped the band become relevant once again in the contemporary metal scene.

Starting on September 10th, Queensrÿche will head out on the road with Scorpions on their Return To Forever 50th Anniversary Tour. Queensrÿche will release Condition Human on October 2.

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