The Butcher Babies stopped in Fort Wayne on a weeknight and made it known that they came to rock.

Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, the high-powered vocal pair behind the Butcher Babies,  made a stop in Fort Wayne to promote their release Take It Like A Man. If you haven’t seen the Butcher Babies live, you are missing out. They are dynamic and energetic on stage with strong metal vocals backed by an incredibly talented band.

On this night, the ladies were fire. Performing to a smaller size crowd of about 300 people, the Butcher Babies treated the crowd to a show worthy of a stadium.  The crowd reciprocated by singing along and raising horns throughout the whole show.  When Heidi Shepherd mentioned that if the crowd wanted to start crowd surfing and make their way to the stage for high fives, the crowd erupted into a frenzy and many fans made their way up front.  It was a show that most soon won’t forget.

Currently touring with the Butcher Babies is Nekrogoblikon.  Formed in 2006 by Tim Lyakhovetskiy and Nicky Calonne in Palo Alto, California. Calling their sound, Goblin Metal, they have a distinct melodic death metal sound that has been said to be like no other. Nekrogoblikon has had their fair share of acclaim and criticism but their  latest album, Heavy Metal, has had some great reviews. On stage they captured the audience’s attention with their antics. Each song of the set brought a different quirky sound and some interesting vocal diversity.  They have definitely chosen to step out of the box and the crowd responded with their energy.

Locals Zephaniah and Demonwolf never let fans down. Zephaniah is a local progressive speed metal band who reunited last year much to their fans delight. Demonwolf is an old school heavy metal band that delivers solid metal framed by strong vocals, heavy bass, thunderous drums and amazing guitar work.

Butcher Babies
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