Ohio Bike Week started off with a roar of many a thirsty motorcycles and riders. Oh, and then there were a few on stage too.

27-May-2016: That glorious time of year has arrived once again in northern Ohio. Ohio Bike Week makes another appearance from Toledo to Sandusky with many activities and, of course, musical artists spanning a few different genres.

To kick off the festival-like season was a small show at Toledo Harley-Davidson. Hot asphalt, hot weather, and even hotter bikes made the perfect backdrop for the two local bands and the two national acts brought in to light up the night.

Starting off the day’s festivities was Swanton, Ohio-based R. M. O. The band, Rich Crosser (vocals), Phil Roach (drums), Jeff Faylor (bass), and Bert Cooper (guitar), are two-time Ohio Bike Week performers. They were well-received by not only their hometown fans sporting R. M. O. shirts but also the new fans who came to see the national acts. Their high-spirited stage presence fit the mood of the day with good ol’ rock n’ roll that played well with those in early attendance.

While we don’t see any further shows listed at the moment for the guys, if you want to see a good show with great guitars and groovy vocals mixed in with drums not trying to beat you to death, check out the fellas if they are ever in your neck of the woods.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=4158962590 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708]

Up next after a small set change was another local band from the I-75 corridor between Toledo and Bowling Green. Aaron Owens, Kirk Sickler, Kurt Marshall, and Jeremy Fox make up the band known as Catherine’s X.

Taken from the band’s own bio, Catherine’s X “… is an eclectic mix of alt-rock/grunge/hard rock that lands somewhere between Audio Slave and Seether with a hint of Metallica in the mix.”

Formed in 2011-2012, the band showed the ease with which they play with one another on stage.

The guys are playing shows in support of their album offering, Hidden Sickness, now available on Spotify. The band will also be headlining this year’s Koda Bear Fest 2016 at the Wyandot County Fairgrounds in Upper Sandusky, Ohio on Jul 11, 2016. Show your support for local music and get to see a decent show for a few duckets in the deal.

Songs played on their set were: “Anymore,” “Take It,” “Lose Control,” “Butterflies,” “Restraint,” “Shame,” and “Over And Over.”

Following an appearance of the local on-air personalities from WIOT 104.7 was Spinefarm Record’s Santa Cruz from Helsinki, Finland. Their spirit of big hair and complete debauchery with instrumentals and vocals that do the 80s proud. From hair flips to blistering guitar solos to getting the crowd involved, Archie (vocals), Johnny (guitar), Middy (bass), and Taz (drums) showed why they had been tapped to provide direct support for this tour.

Not only was the crowd important to the band, but so was the interaction with them. In a surprise to the security team, one of the guys leaped from the stage into the VIP area. On the final song, Archie amazed those in attendance with some pretty gutsy climbing of a support post on the stage’s rigging to sing his lyrics from about twenty feet in the air. Both before and after the show, one or more of the guys signed autographs and took pictures with fans from the photo pit area.

There will be an announcement in the next few days regarding the Skydiving Without A Parachute tour dates. The tour will support their new album of the same name. Songs played in their set were “Bonafide,” “Velvet Rope,” “My Remedy,” “Let Them Burn,” “Bye Bye Babylon,” “Skydiving Without A Parachute,” “Watotf,” “Wasted & Wounded,” and “Aiming High.”

And last, but certainly not least, came the man most had come to see close the Day 1 of Ohio Bike Week, Sebastian Bach. The lights dimmed and the man of the night made a highly anticipated entrance on stage.

The Frontiers Records artist had the help of Bobby Jarzombek (drums), Brent Woods (guitar), and Rob De Luca (bass) behind him to make the music behind one of the most iconic voices of the late 80s and early 90s with Skid Row and later as part of Broadway.

Starting off the night with “Slave To The Grind,” and a cover of “Born To Be Wild,” Bach grabbed crowd’s attention and did his best not to let go. With wild swings of the microphone to still being able to throw a mean windmill out there, it was evident that he was in his element on stage.

At one point, Bach had the cutest duet singer on his shoulders refusing to help sing, but that’s what kids do. Catch him at least for another week or so on tour on his An Evening With Sebastian Bach Tour dates.

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