The Chicago-based all-female punk act, Mystery Actions, rocks the neighborhood at LockDowns Block Party, with Anger and The Hamburglars in support.

06-Aug-2016: A west side of Chicago Street was the scene for Lockdown Bar & Grills Block Party. The Lockdown Block Party is a music showcase that, like any Chicago Block party, occurs at the end of a residential street. This year’s lineup was packed with talented bands, including three standout performances from The Hamburglars, Anger, and Mystery Actions.

The first band on stage was The Hamburglars, the premier hamburger themed band. The band dressed identically as the iconic fast food character, The Hamburgler.

The band’s “burger-fueled” performance of covers songs came through the prism of The Hamburlger, using his limited vocabulary for nearly all of their lyrics.

The band did a good job with The Ramones “Gabba Gabba Hey!” which they turned into “Robble Robble Hey!” The crowd shouted affectionately “Robble! Robble!” Their hilarious, creative performance was a perfect kick off for the day.

Dave Simon’s Hardcore project Anger was up next. Anger recently had a lineup change when Mathew P. McNeill took over bass duties. The change worked as The Anger sound is now a more constructed refined Hardcore Groove.

Dave Simon’s posture on stage reminds one at times of Tim Armstrong of Rancid. His vocal style is fast and rhythmic and delivered in a manner so the listener can understand the lyrics, which is not always the case with hardcore punk music.

The highlight of their set was Lucy Dekay joining the band on stage singing Motorhead’s “Please Don’t Touch.” The contrast between Dave Simons and Lucy Dekays vocals gave the classic song a special beauty. Anger did a great job priming the early afternoon crowd for what was to follow.

Mystery Actions took control of the stage and the crowd from the first guitar lick to last vocal. The audience was in good hands as the Chicago natives hammered through their set of old school punk, reminiscent of the Runaways  or the Dead Boys.

The lead singer, raven-haired Nikki Beller, displayed significant range in her ability to wrap her voice around lyrics and styles. Her voice was a snarl that would make Johnny Lydon jealous.

The band’s song, “Never Needed You,” was the highlight of the show. Lucy Dekay’s guitar playing was tight, chugging along to the rapid-fire drum line, which gave the song an extra punch. This band’s set was punk rock played right, and judging by the crowd, it made the Block Party a smashing success.

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