Ipecac Recordings artist The Melvins make a much-anticipated tour stop for eager fans in Louisville with Helms Alee.

18-Aug-2016: Touring in support of their most recent album, Basses Loaded (a play on their “revolving bassist problem”), The Melvins rolled into Louisville, delivering a top notch set to a full room of fans at Headliners Music Hall.

Drawing on a catalog with over 30+ years of music in their arsenal, The Melvins started their set with the heavy, doom-laden “Eye Flys” from their first album, Gluey Porch Treatments. They followed with a bass-heavy cover of the KISS classic, “Deuce,” and “Queen” from their 1994 album, Stoner Witch.

On a stage completely saturated in red light, The Melvins rolled into the middle part of their set performing “The Kicking Machine,” “National Hamster,” and a Redd Kross/George Harrison cover of “Janus, Jeanie and George Harrison.” “Mr. Rip Off,” and “Halo of Flies” by Alice Cooper followed, with their set bringing one ovation after another.

With more than half of the set completed, the first song off of the new album “Hideous Woman” is next in the set followed by raucous versions of “Amazon,” “Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad,” and “The Decay of Lying,” all thoroughly enjoyed.

The Melvin’s ended their 16-song, 90+ minute set with “Night Goat” from the Houdini album and an Edward Meeker cover of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” also from the new Basses Loaded album.

The Melvin’s were on fire tonite, playing with raw energy, tenacity and sludgy goodness that dominated the room. Dale’s demonstrative drumming along with King Buzzo’s relentless guitar work and Steven’s high energy bass were fun to watch. The band delivered a memorable show, with fans leaving the venue talking about the concert.

The Melvins are Roger “Buzz” Osborne (guitar and vocals), Dale Crover (drums and vocals) and Steven McDonald (of the band Redd Kross and “punk supergroup” OFF!) on bass and vocals.

Providing support was the Seattle-based metal band, Helms Alee. Their 30-minute set of sludge metal, post-hardcore music had a definite “spacey” and “shoegaze” vibe with a heavy edge. Helms Alee is Dana James on bass, Hozoji Margullis on drums and Ben Verellen on guitar

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