Motionless in White launched The Graveyard Shift tour in Las Vegas joined by William Control, Miss May I and The Amity Affliction.

The start of Motionless in White’s The Graveyard Shift tour is highly anticipated. Despite the early start, the crowd is huge from the time the doors open and it only continues to grow.  There are four bands on the bill tonight and the crowd clearly doesn’t want to miss any of them.  Up first is the electronic music of William Control.  While this does not seem like the type of music that would fit in with this lineup their energy is infectious and they do get the crowd energized for the night.  Their set started out rough with a couple technical difficulties which could be to it being the first night of the tour but it seemed to be more from the band and their energy jumping and climbing on their equipment which results in accidentally stopping the track on their first song.  This can be forgiven due to the sheer energy they put forth into their performance.  

A quick changeover and Miss May I takes the stage.  This metalcore band continues with the energy.  Frontman Levi Benton is running around the stage singing and the crowd begins to mosh and crowd surf almost from the first song.  Many stopping to pump fists with the band on their way back to the crowd.  With six albums to choose from, there is quite a bit of material that is covered including crowd favorites “Relentless Chaos” and “Lost in the Grey.” 

The Amity Affliction is up next. This Australian based metalcore band continues the energy.  They get the crowd jumping so that the whole building is bouncing and of course the moshing and crowd surfing continues, and if possible seems to intensify toward the end of their set.  Joel Birch interacts with the crowd throughout the set and calls for the “Wall of Death” to which the fans happily comply.  The set features all heavy high-energy songs like “Lost and Fading,” “Shine On,’ “This Could be Heartbreak,” and “Pittsburgh.”  The crowd is giving their all to these bands and the bands are giving it right back.  They leave the stage and a large black curtain is drawn up announcing to all that Motionless in White is up next.

After a brief wait, the curtain drops and the crowd see the stage set up for the first time this tour and it is extensive complete with risers, stairs, jack-o-lanterns and life-sized angel statues. Devin Sola is in the back on a riser wearing a rabbit mask and suit while Ricky Olsen and Ryan Sitkowski are in the front clad in their signature black makeup.  The music starts accentuated by the drums of Ricky Mauro and Chris “Motionless” Cerulli comes to the front of the stage.  The crowd’s excitement can be felt by all in the room and the band clearly feels it as well.  For opening night of the show, the set goes off perfectly.  They cover the old and the new including “Immaculate Misconception,” “570,” and “We Only Come Out at Night.”  One of the highlights of the set early on is the song “Necessary Evil,” which in the recorded version additional vocals are provided by Korn’s Jonathan Davis.  Chris Motionless interacts with the crowd during this song getting them to sing the “It’s my Party and I’ll Die When I Want too,” chorus along.  The chorus set to the same cadence as Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party” is an interesting twist that is refreshing and perhaps lost on many of the younger fans in the crowd.  

The set just continues to grow in energy and the crowd that has been going non-stop for hours now shows no signs of letting up.  After an hour and fifteen minutes, the set is done.  The only slight disappointment was the choice of the band to leave “Abigail” out of their set.  They are known for this song and the crowd was calling for it.  Overall this is an explosive night of heavy music that shouldn’t be missed when it comes to your town.  

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Event Date: 26-Sep-2017

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