Bryan McPherson blends Punk and Folk with a Boston working class attitude.

On a humid June night, Bryan McPherson returned to his home town of Boston. He is on tour to promote his new release Wedgewood.

McPherson grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, a place where families were tough because they had to be. Blue collar jobs, good homes and hard work – the American Dream met the reality of the world. McPherson found commonality in folk music but grew up in an age of punk music. He usually takes the stage with only a guitar and a harmonica. He looks like a folk singer. Like the Boston neighborhood he grew up in, his performance is a punch in the face, which is the sound of punk.

McPherson chose the corners of Williams and Washington to be interviewed. The sound of people walking and arguing, ambulance sirens, and fast cars added highlights to his interview.

Bryan McPherson talked about his dance with anger in his creative process, writing songs about what he sees as injustices and wrong doings that connect with an audience, how he blends folk and punk music, and also how he puts a tour together.

Your parents had Bob Dylan to give creative and thoughtful insights to the good the bad and the ugly of their day. Today you have Bryan McPherson.

Bryan McPherson
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