KT Tunstall returned to Chicago, band in tow, to promote her newly released album.

It was after completing her last album, Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon, that KT Tunstall felt burnt out and decided she wanted out of the music industry. She sold her belongings and moved from the UK to Venice Beach, California for a change of pace. Luckily for us, she couldn’t stay away for too long. Waking up at 4:00 am with choruses in her head, she eventually gave in and started recording again. The result was her new album, Kin, released on September 09. Tunstall rolled into Chicago recently, touring in support

In little over a year, the people of Chicago were lucky enough to have Tunstall perform for them on three different occasions, each with a larger venue and audience than the previous concert. It is not surprising considering the heart and soul she pours into each show.

Last year, National Rock Review caught Tunstall’s one-woman show, but this time, she was back with a full band adding a different dimension to her performance. It even allowed her to put the guitar down when she performed “Other Side of the World” allowing her to free up her arms and bust out her moves perfected when she performed with Jools Holland. It was strange seeing her out from behind her old faithful guitar, though it was a refreshing change, one that focused on her powerful and beautiful voice in its entirety.

Tunstall is a talented musician on every level. She is a superb songwriter with a beautiful voice who certainly knows her way around her guitar and loop pedal. Whether she is on the stage by herself, or with the backing of a band, she is always sure to impress.

Tunstall’s North American tour continues until early October before heading across the water to the UK, where it will continue until early November.

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