Xandria releases their new symphonic music for their new EP due for worldwide released on July 31 on Napalm records

German based symphonic metal band Xandria who’s universally praised Sacrificium album with new soprano vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen reached number 25 on the German album charts, as well as entering the charts in other countries, including for the first time at the UK and the USA. Are releasing their seven songs of symphonic music for their new EP due for worldwide release on July 31 on Napalm records that include three new songs that are: “Voyage Of The Fallen,” “Unembraced,” and “In Remembrance.” Two are remixes of previous of the group songs: “Ravenheart” and “Now & Forever” with two covers exclusive for this release are Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I won’t DoThat)” featuring Italian singer Valerio Recenti of the metal band My Propane that has been rearranged with a full symphonic sound and Sonata Arctica’s “Don’t Say A Word.

First starting with Meatloaf’s song which is an opera theme song that the band gave this an updated sound with a duet with Valerio Recenti which complements Dianne’s operatic vocals on this energize metal arraignment. The song itself can be used for theater performances on stage and screen.

On the three new songs which Dianne’s crystal clear soprano vocals on par with Tarja Turunen, Simone Simmons (Epica) and Floor Jansen (Nightwish, After Forever, ReVamp) gives the band a rock opera sound. Of the three new songs is” Voyage of The Fallen” is an opera and choir chant throughout the song has the keyboards in the front of the other electronic instruments” Unembraced” is a fast tempo opera song that includes choir background chants with dual opera singers’. “In Remembrance” starts with a slow piano with female vocal duets with the band electric and steady rhythm throughout the song.

Original Xandria vocalist Lisa Middelhauve sang “Raveheart” on the 2004 release and is still the fans favorite. They recorded this song with slightly different arraignment and Dianne’s is superb on this version with soprano notes. “Now & Forever” recorded for the 2005 India album has been re-arraigned slightly from the original version. Dianne’s vocals give it a fresh sound that compliments the original versions. The fans who like the previous recordings will not be disappointed on the new versions. They also a nice cover of Sonata Arctica’s “Don’t Say A Word” which has a heavier sound with Dianne’s opera vocals which you would not know at first hearing this song.

Overall this multi-layer complexity use of strings and choral arrangements are very well crafted to sync with the guitar and keyboard solo. This EP is letting the fans know what is to come with their quality of the musicianship and Dianne’s vocals for Xandria, while giving their previous songs new life to new fans.


  1. Voyage Of The Fallen
  2. Unembraced
  3. In Remembrance
  4. I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)
  5. Ravenheart
  6. Now & Forever
  7. Don’t Say A Word

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