Killswitch Engage sends a sell-out crowd home after a stellar performance on their Incarnate tour with Memphis May Fire, 36 Crazyfists, and Toothgrinder.

A long line of fans waited outside the venue for doors to open. Many queued up early. Tonight’s metal lineup had fans were eager for the return of Killswitch Engage.

Toothgrinder kicked off the evening. They are just a beginner in the in the local metal music scene and are working to build their fanbase. The band’s high-energy stage performance resulted in the excited crowd jumping and moshing. Toothgrinder brought the attitude needed to start the event off right and get the crowd warmed up for the night ahead. Given the fan response and the band’s unique sound, they have gained many new and have a bright future ahead of them.

Next up was 36 Crazyfists all the way from Alaska. The Anchorage-based artist is not new; they are touring their fifth major release, Time and Trauma (2015), having formed in 1994 and have achieved several charting albums since. Their experience shows as the metal crowd responded in grand fashion as fans jumped and bounced during the band’s performance. Hits like “Bloodwork” and “Slitwrist Theory” demonstrated 36CF is still a band worth following.

Primary support for the show comes from Memphis May Fire. The Dallas metalcore act hit the stage, winding up fans further, playing with the verve of a band on the move. In fact, they are headed to the studio for an album rumored for release later this year.

Their passion on stage is palpable to all, as the band forms an immediate connection with the fans from the first drum beat. The audience was full of bodies jumping and writhing to the music. A sea of mobile phones held high captured video and stills of the show.

Memphis May Fire finished their set with “Vices.” Fans responded physically as a pit formed immediately, bodies bouncing off one another as the band thrashed to the beat on stage.

The chants of “Killswitch” began during sound check and did not stop until all lights went out. The roar of the packed House of Blues crowd was deafening, making even the loudest conversations impossible. Killswitch Engage rushed out onto the stage performing “Strength of the Mind.” With the band’s newest album, Incarnate, having just recently hit store shelves, the crowd was prepared and sang along knowing every word.

Like any Killswitch show, Adam Dutkiewicz was up to his entertaining antics by running around like a madman and making the crowd laugh. Lead vocalist, Jesse Leach’s performance was spot on; he showed no signs of having just recovered from an illness.

Killswitch Engage added a perfect mix of old and new tracks to their setlist by playing favorites to please all the die hard KSE fans. The crowd responded to songs such as “This Is Absolution,” “The End of Heartache,” and “My Curse” by pressing against the stage, jumping, and pumping fists in the air as they sang along with the band.

The most impressive part was the reactions from the crowd to newer material. The first single off of the new album, “Hate By Design,” had venue security with hand’s full as the crowd surfers hit floated across the masses and over the barricade. The band closed with “In Due Time,” which ended with fans chanting, “one more song!”.

Killswitch Engage continues to earn their stripes as their tour carries them forward across the US and then Europe. Do yourself a favor and see Killswitch at one of their many shows and festival appearances. This is a band worth seeing live.

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