Howie D. from National Rock Review and Hard Edge Radio recently got the chance to talk with guitarist Black String from Century Media’s latest addition to the roster; Vampire, a Swedish death metal band. Vampire was playing a set at the Live Evil Festival in London last year and there were several labels in attendance to witness their set. They took the deal from Century Media and the rest will soon become history.

The self titled, debut release from Vampire will be available in Europe on March 3rd and then in the U.S. starting March 18th. The first track, titled Howl From The Coffin, has been making the rounds. Please click below to hear the entire interview.





Black String was interviewed by Howie D of National Rock Review and Hard Edge Radio


Click below to hear the song “Howl From The Coffin” – Courtesy of

VAMPIRE – Howl From The Coffin


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