Grab your brass knuckles, kids. Papa Moody and the rest of the gang came to melt your faces off and to keep you adequately hydrated.

In a special treat for the music fans of Northwest Ohio, Five Finger Death Punch came to the Huntington Center to blow the roof of the building. Coming along with the guys are From Ashes To New, In This Moment, and Papa Roach. There are no actual fireworks at this show, but the music, the attitudes shown to the crowd, and the fog machine more than makes it a well-planned concert.

Starting things off is Matt Brandyberry (vocals), Chris Musser (vocals), Branden “Boo” Kreider (guitar), Garrett Russell (Bass, Boyish Good Looks), and Tim D’onofrio (Drums), or also known as, From Ashes To New. This Lancaster, Pennsylvania rap-rock/alternative metal band started in 2013 and has been fairly busy ever since. They are with Better Noise Records and proving with each show that the label made a wise choice in signing them.

Their new album, Day One, is slated to drop in February 2016. Their energy is incredible live and you won’t be disappointed. You can read a recent Dirt Fest interview we did when the band.

From Ashes to New – Through It All (Lyric Video)

Next up is a band who we wonder if they ever take any time off. In This Moment has been going strong throughout the summer tour season and Rock On The Range 2015. For those that don’t know, this Hollywood, Califonia band is made up of Maria Brink (vocals), Chris Howorth (guitar), Travis Johnson (bass), Randy Weitzel (guitar), and Tom Hane (drums).

In This Moment will be heading over the pond for a European tour in early 2016. Not only was the Atlantic Records signed outfit there to support their 2014 album, Black Widow, but Maria made a special cameo for the band that follows. Check out their latest single while you’re at it, “Big Bad Wolf.” If you like a well produced and a well-oiled machine of a stage show, along with some lyrics that are not meant to be played on Top 40 stations and copious amounts of fog machine, this is a show you should at least see once.

Papa Roach – Gravity (feat. Maria Brink)(Official Video)

Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance, and Tony Palermo don’t need much of an introduction at this point. Hailing from Vacaville, California, Papa Roach has influenced the music scene since 1993. Along with the song mentioned just a moment ago with Maria Brink, “Gravity,” the guys are touring in support of their latest album, F.E.A.R.

Jacoby is full of energy, and the guys look like they still have fun being on stage playing their hits. So, this one time, we’ll let their recent Facebook hacking go by with only a snicker. Eleven Seven Music is going to reap the benefits of signing the guys for this latest CD, believing that the best days of Papa Roach are still to come.

And at the end of the night, we all look forward to the headliner. Tonight was no exception and, by far and away, the crowd was not disappointed. Jason celebrates his birthday on stage with the Toledo crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to him. FFDP is, of course, Zoltan Bathory (guitar), Jeremy Spencer (drums), Ivan Moody (vocals), Jason Hook (guitar), and the bearded one, Chris Kael (bass).

The Las Vegas crew has been around the block a few times since 2005. They bring their big lights, big sounds, and yes, even big fog. The tempo starts fast and never slows down. A hydration session from Mr. Moody has yours truly ducking out of the way. Touring in support of the record, Got Your Six, the guys play both new songs and a mix of older favorites.

The highlight for many of the younger fans is answering Moody’s call to come on stage for a song. Being told they could grab a Monster Energy drink seems only to add to the joy of being in front of a close to sold out crowd. While one young lady isn’t happy with the sound check, the rest of the older kids gain a memory they will always look upon with awe.

One young lad, at the last song, got the coveted bat that Moody carries. By the end of the song, the letters “F” and “U” had fallen off the bat, meaning the boy’s father could let him keep the bat with a clear conscience as only the “C” and “K” remain.

By all accounts, the band would keep playing well past the 11:00 pm city ordinance. However, the two thousand dollars per minute fine dissuade them. If that isn’t enough, the threat of having the lights cut off force the bad boys of heavy metal to reign in the horses and leave the exhausted crowd to make their way home.

If you want a set list, you’ll have to see them live. And then you’ll have to thank us.

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