Kevlar returns to the stage for the first time with new lead singer, Kelci Margaret, and it’s not to be missed.

Seven Circle Sunrise opened the night going with two new songs right from the start. With guitarist Jeremy Hatcher flying in from LA, lead singer Veno Xavier was able to give up guitar duties and focus on vocals. He looked like he had much more fun being free to run around on stage and connect with the crowd.

Knowing that local favorites Kevlar would be following their set, it was obvious to the band they had made an impression. Everyone in the crowd showed a lot of interest in their new music, which was the majority of their set. The boys from Canton, Ohio were just in Erie a month ago, on a quick run with Red, to which they gained a lot of fans and most came back to see them again. The set list changes every show and there is nothing more you can love from a band than that. Seven Circle Sunrise are currently in the top rankings for the Rock On The Range Battle Of The Bands. Check these guys out; they are the real deal.

Headliners Kevlar took to the stage for the first time since parting ways with former lead singer Brian Lowery at the beginning of 2015. No one really knew what to expect since the band had only released one single, “The Void,” with new lead singer Kelci Margaret. Once the lights went out, the crowd went insane as each band member came out.

Last to appear was Margaret. She connected immediately with the crowd, her energy rubbing off on them. She came out with a real punch, loving every moment of it. She was jumping, running, and swinging her long hair around and those in attendance loved it.

One of the most interesting moments of the night was Kevlar performing a heavy metal version of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” which sounded better than the original. The band had forged a strong connection with their fans, maintaining it from beginning to end. These Erie locals may have a lot of work going forward, due to changing to a new singer. But judging from the crowd response, it will all be worth it and was well received.

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