Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick arrives in the North East of England bringing with him in tow his stripped back acoustic tour – Heartache and Hilarity.

During a quiet period with Bowling For Soup, the band’s frontman Jaret Reddick has returned to the UK. This time Jaret is flying solo having left his BFS bandmates at home.

As Reddick takes to the stage at this intimate, up close and personal affair he takes a pew centre stage and is surrounded only by a music stand, a table with a nice bottle of Rioja, and a couple of acoustic guitars.

What people tend to forget is that most songs start off as ideas jammed out and developed on an acoustic guitar. Tonight, the fans in attendance at the Riverside Newcastle got to hear a set packed full of Bowling For Soup classics and deep cuts in their rawest possible form and most likely in the format to which they were conceived.

Have you ever wondered what one of your favourite songs is really about – what caused the songwriter to put pen to paper? Fans often pour over song lyrics searching for the hidden truth behind a track they like, often without ever getting to the bottom of the true meaning. The art of songwriting lends itself to tracks so often being left open to interpretation. Tonight, the Geordie Bowling For Soup fans were able to hear the stories and the inspiration behind the band’s treasured songs first hand.

Bowling For Soup’s early material was quite light-hearted and fun, but as the band progressed through their career they started to tackle more difficult and personal issues. Over the course of Reddick’s career-spanning set this evening, he grapples with both. From the death of his best friend and former co-manager during the melancholy “Goodbye Friend” and the heartbreaking tales of love and past relationships in “Ohio Come Back To Texas”, “Surf Colorado” and “Me With No You”. Reddick battles with real-life issues which so many in the room can relate to.

On the other hand, the mood is lifted with Reddick’s hilarious tale of his drunken visit to Disney and Nickelodeon, which is the precursor to his frantic rendition of the “Phineas and Ferb” theme song and his tale of bad decision making with “Graduation Trip”. Before the latter of which Reddick quips about the US election result, reiterating that people don’t always make good decisions.

During the course of his 90-minute set, Reddick constantly engages the audience between songs and is full of witty tales from throughout his extensive career and often some self-deprecating banter is thrown in between.

As Reddick heads towards the end of his set he delivers an emotive rendition of “Turbulence” before accepting a request from an enthusiastic fan in the shape of “Friends O’ Mine”. The evening is brought to a close with what is considered to be one of Bowling For Soup’s biggest hits – the classic “1985” during which the fans hang on every word.

Before vacating the stage Reddick informs the Newcastle faithful that Bowling For Soup will be making a return next year, much to their pleasing.

One thing which really sets the great songwriters apart from the rest is their storytelling ability and on the strength of tonight’s performance, this is something that Jaret Reddick has in spades. The audience at the Riverside Newcastle leave the venue both entertained and enlightened, and the occasional one even went home with a new tattoo too – but that’s another story.

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