There was no better way for I Prevail to wrap their tour without a stop at the legendary Frankie’s Inner City.

Frankie’s Inner City has seen many things in its storied history. We can now add another tour ending successfully for I Prevail. In support of the Michigan rockers were local area bands: Convictions, Northern Shores, and Goodbye Blue Skies. It was another great sell-out for the Innovation concert venue. And all the bands fed off of the energy the packed crowd could give them throughout the night.

The first band to hit the Frankie’s stage was Convictions. The band is made up of Micheal Felker (Vocals), John Fleischmann (Bass), Joshua Canode (Guitar), Tommy Silva (Guitar), and Zach Schwochow (Drums). This self-described band of aggressive worship with emotion captured in noise was playing in support of their EP, Unworthy. The guys will be coming back Jul 10, 2015 so if you missed them, see them at this next show.

Next up, hailing from Toledo, was the metalcore group, Northern Shores. Formed in 2012, Trevor Dailey (Guitar), Vincent Sperling (Vocals), Devin Sampson (Bass), and Benjamin Heuerman (Drums) not only kept the crowd alive and vocal, they began the night of crowd surfing and stage diving. When asked what band the guys would drop everything to play with, the answer was pretty fast in coming.

“We’d be the pussiest band on the line-up, but Whitechapel in a heart beat.” ~ Trevor Dailey

Northern Shores – “The Exalted”

The guys are also on the bill to play Frankie’s again on Jul 10, 2015. If you want good music from a Conan O’Brien look-a-like with deathly deep vocals from a much shorter frame, don’t let the glasses fool you he’ll bring the hammer down on your senses. From the drum play to the guitars, for a smaller band doing everything on their own, their sound is much bigger and polished then one would think until seeing them live and in all their glorious wholesome looks, however, somehow gone horribly askew in the music. Except the drummer, Ben, he looks like a trouble maker period but hits the skins in a metal godly way.

With their new album, Visions out and soon to be released song “Hypnophobia” featuring Garret Rapp coming out Jul 9, 2015, the guys in Goodbye Blue Skies were not slowing down in support of everything they have going on to play this show. With the core members of the group being Victor Berrios (Vocals), Chris Marshall (Guitar, Vocals), and Brian Smith (Drums), this Toledo post-hardcore/rock outfit kept the energy up and the heat high as well. Having it rain in Monopoly money and stage divers didn’t slow them down. Playing in the set were songs “Sandcastles,” “Closure,” and “Better Days” among others.

There aren’t any other shows currently listed for the band in the near future. When the next leg of their takeover begins, we’ll do our best to bring you the bloody news first.

And after three incredible opening acts, the headliners of the show, I Prevail, came out to give the crowd of their fans exactly what they wanted. With their own light show added to the hallowed ground of Frankie’s stage, the fog machines only added to the ambiance of the upcoming whirlwind of sight and sound descending onto the faithful. Not only did the band ask if the crowd liked covers, they faked them out with the opening of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” before flowing into a different song completely. Yes, Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” was played and the house almost exploded when it started.

And the interaction between Brian Burkheiser (Vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (Vocals), Steve Menoian (Lead Guitar), and Lee Runestad (Drums) and the crowd was amazing. They not only brought a young lady on stage celebrating her 14th birthday, they shared parts of songs forehead to forehead with lucky fans, and a first on the night members jumped into the crowd at various points to surf out and mosh in the back with the willing.

Not only did they sweat out everything they had for the fans to end the current tour, afterwards, any and all of those there were greeted after the show for photos and autographs from the guys. The next headlining tour for the young lads in I Prevail starts the second week of July. You can find a date and venue close to you below. As always, if you get to see the band, let us know what you thought.

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