The “Forbidden Territories Of The World” tour make a stop in Chesapeake, Virginia with Flotsam and Jetsam, Helstar and Hatchet with local support provided by Carriage and The Pestilence Choir.

The show started at 8 PM with Carriage, one of Hampton Roads’ newer bands opening. Carriage features former members of Possessor Robbie Rainey on vocals and Michael Martin on guitar, Tombstone Steve formerly of Mammoth Black on bass, Randy Ashberry on drums and River Ashberry on guitar from Heaven Falls Hard. Influenced by classic metal bands such as Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, and Savatage, Carriage played a set of songs that pleased many of the older fans in the audience.

Metallica influenced thrashers The Pestilence Choir took the stage next and played a short set of songs mostly from their latest effort “Gravity Hits.” The change of intensity was appreciated by the crowd who headbanged, and some moshing took place.

San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band Hatchet was the surprise hit of the evening, playing an energetic set of songs mostly from their latest effort “Fear Beyond Lunacy.” A circle pit was called for by lead singer Julz Ramos, and he was not disappointed as the crowd obliged him. Because the first two bands finished their sets ahead of schedule, Hatchet played an additional song to the very pleased crowd. Comments posted to Facebook after the show by one fan who saw the show said Hatchet “killed it!”

For many in the audience, the next two bands were the reason to be at Riff House on the evening before Thanksgiving. Helstar, the power metal band from Texas, played a set of material that spanned their 30 years of making music and included two songs from their August 26, 2016, release “Vampiro,” “Blood Lust” and “Black Cathedral.” One of the younger fans in the audience yelled: “I can’t believe I’m seeing Helstar live!”

Flotsam and Jetsam closed out the night playing a brutal set consisting of mostly songs from “Doomsday for the Deceiver,” “No Place for Disgrace” and “Drift.” The only song they played from recent material was “Iron Maiden” from their self-titled 2016 album. They closed out the set with “No Place for Disgrace.” One person commented that the last time they knew Flotsam and jetsam played anywhere in Hampton Roads was 1993.

The crowd consisted mostly of older metal fans who came to see Flotsam and Jetsam and Helstar. Nobody walked away disappointed by the bands that played. In the eyes of many, this was one of the best shows ever played at Riff House.

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