Steel Panther rocks the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco with help from Hillbilly Herald.

While it may seem that Steel Panther have a laugh at heavy metal and not with it, they do it in such a way that one can not help but laugh along with them, and ultimately become a fan by the end of their show. Playing to a packed Regency Ballroom on a holiday weekend, the band disappointed none of their legions of fans, many of whom came in costumes and resembled the love baby of Axl Rose and Steven Tyler. With songs such as “Eyes of a Panther,” “The Shocker,” and “Party Like Tomorrow is The End of the World,” their subtle yet obvious tongue in cheek jabs at the 80s hair metal scene did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Although it may seem that Steel Panther are nothing more than fifth-grade humor, bandanas, and hair spray, the band are seriously talented musicians who have the licks and chops to pull off what they do so well. They have a unique way of pushing the envelope to the maximum but bring it all back in with their music.

Support for Steel Panther came from Hillbilly Herald, who were the perfect band to get the crowd pumped up for the headliners.

National Rock Review photographer Raymond Ahner was in the photo pit to capture the highlights.

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