The Bouncing Souls deliver a healthy dose of sing-a-long punk rock during a two-night stand at Slim’s in San Francisco, California.

Out on the road for the Simplicity Tour, New Jersey’s Bouncing Souls, now in their 29th year, are doing a handful of dates across the West Coast in support of their latest studio effort, Simplicity.

With a setlist that includes “Highway Kings,” “Lean On Sheena” and “Driving All Night,” the Bouncing Souls has most of the crowd from the now packed room up against the stage singing along, while others engage in some circle pit action and crowd surfing. Vocalist Greg Attonito is all smiles as he paces across the entire stage leading the band, while guitarist Pete Steinkopf, bassist Bryan Kienlen and drummer George Rebelo keep the punk rock riffs and beats going strong over the more than 90-minute set.

Supporting the Bouncing Souls on this tour is AJJ (formally Andrew Jackson Jihad) who have quite a fan base in attendance. Sounding like a combination of Blink 182 crossed with They Might Be Giants, the folk-punks are clearly crowd favorites. The band perform songs from their latest release, The Bible 2, including “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye”, “White Worms” and “My Brain is a Human Body”.

Opening the show is San Francisco’s own Get Dead, who are the perfect choice to get the evening kick started with their rowdy yet infectious songs.

Bouncing Souls
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Get Dead
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