There are times when you see a performer and know they were born to entertain. One such artist is Fernando Tarrango & The Wickersham Brothers.

I caught them a few weeks ago at a benefit show in Fort Wayne, Indiana and knew I had to see them perform again.  Thankfully they are not hard to find around this area.

Fernando Tarrango himself is a classically trained vocalist and an actor. His stage presence is high energy and downright fun! It is impossible to sit still during one of his performances. His band, Fernando Tarrango & The Wickersham Brothers, has been referred to as Americana JazzRock. It is unique, complex, full of fun and leaves you wanting more.

Success has not been a stranger to FT&TWB. They have stretched out and have built a fan base in the Regional Midwest. Their music even captured the attention of Proctor and Gamble a while back who featured the group in an Old Spice commercial.

The FT&TWB sound is unique and light, but has an amazing depth to it. It is apparent that they all love what they do and they love making the crowd enjoy their time together. This five-piece includes drums, percussion, bass, saxophone, and guitar; all talented musicians that are comfortable on stage and their love for their craft is evident.

The groups music danceable and they have a deep appreciation for music and how it is assembled; something key to their distinct, well constructed sound. The complex layers of their music cannot help but make you smile. It is an amazing mixture of creativity and happiness that flows from the stage.

Fernando Tarrango & The Wickersham Brothers made their debut at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne this week. And as big as their personalities are their sound is even bigger! The fun they have simply pours off stage and infects the crowd.  It is wonderful to watch people stop what they are doing and watch the stage with appreciation and awe. Do yourself a favor and check out their limited release CD, you will not be sorry!

Fernando Tarrango & Wickersham Brothers online: