It is always a party when Whiskey Shivers rolls into town with their humor, tons of talent, and stage presence.

They boys of Whiskey Shivers can usually be found before and after their set hanging out at the bar, drinking with fans, and shooting the breeze outside. They are fun on and off the stage and fans always look forward to spending time with them.

Joe Deuce, rocking a cane from a particularly harrowing jump off a building’s drain pipe to retrieve his favorite hat from a roof at a previous gig, greeted fans as they arrived in the door of the Brass Rail. The other guys could be found either at the bar or outside on the back patio. The fans rolled in and packed the place, and the anticipation of the part bluegrass, part party rock, and part barn burning set was palpable. Everyone there was ready for a foot stompin’ good time.

Whiskey Shivers call themselves, “a freewheelin’, trashgrassin’, folk tornado,” which couldn’t be more appropriate. When they take the stage it is all bare feet, humor, and hard driven rhythms of traditional bluegrass with a greasy layer of crazy, redneck grit. The crowd cannot get enough of their down home sound. The wonderful combo of upright bass, lightning fast fiddle, dirty washboard, banjo, and guitar sets fire to the stage and makes you move your feet. They consistently bring the house down with the fun they have on stage and have the talent to back it up.

Whiskey Shivers
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